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Survey Interpretation

Computer Lab Management (CLM) periodically surveys faculty who teach in our computer classrooms. CLM uses this information to improve the quality of service in the computer classrooms. The survey results (especially questions #2 and #6) show that overall faculty are quite happy with the computer classrooms.

However, there were some concerns raised in the comments:

  • CLM needs to do a better job managing the whiteboards (cleaning between classes, checking supplies, etc.).
  • There were comments about the layout in several rooms. Currently we have two general layout - but each has trade-offs which make some aspect of teaching in the room less than ideal. We are always looking for ideas from faculty to improve the designs of our rooms and will attempt to make changes as feasible.
  • There were also comments about the projection in several rooms. We plan to replace the projectors over the next few years and the new projectors will be brighter. As we design new and renovated classrooms we will attempt to ensure the largest possible whiteboard space when the projection screen.

Survey Text

On 12/3/2019 Computer Lab Management sent an email to faculty who had taught in the computer rooms during Fall 2019 asking them to fill out this survey.

Survey Results

There were 17 responses.

Question 2. Please rate the following aspects of our services:

  Needs significant improvement Needs some improvement Needs little or no improvement No opinion
Classroom availability (able to reserve times needed) 1 2 8 7
Support from computer lab managers 0 0 15 2
Support from the Computer Room Consultant (CRC) 0 1 14 2
Preparedness of the classroom (room cleared out, whiteboard supplies, etc.) 1 3 12 1
Computer usability and reliability 0 2 14 1
Preventing classroom interruptions 1 1 14 1
Classroom size (too small or too large) 1 1 15 1
Temperature control (room was too hot or too cold) 1 0 14 2
Layout of the classroom 2 3 12 0
Classroom environment (cleanliness, sound, etc. ) 0 1 16 0
Other - Please specify below 1 1 3 5

Classroom environment and Other reasons:

  • You all do an excellent job! IDK where you could improve.
  • It would be great to get into the lab a bit earlier than 8:45. (247 Olson)
  • I had two issues this quarter. Maybe 3 times the computer lost connection with the overhead projector and it took 5 or so minutes for a tech to fix. I've had this happen before and usually could toggle the wiring enough but not this year. The other problem was with Canvas itself -- I'm sure you heard about this from your techs. One day I couldn't use Canvas at all.
  • I need to be able to write on the whiteboard so everyone can read it AND use the projector at the same time. Right now, if the projector screen is down, there is only a sliver of space on either side of the projector. Students on the front row on the left can't see the writing on the right side of screen; students on right front row can't see writing on left side. (I like that SCC room has whiteboard on side wall, not just behind screen).
  • A few cockroaches made an appearance - but just one a day and only at the beginning of the term. Also, the people who opened the room always left the whiteboard markers in the back of the room after writing on the board - it would be great if some markers were left at the front of the room.
  • It is very hard to see the projector if you sit in the back of Hutch 73. I would turn off lights to help but it is something that anyone teaching in that room should be aware of.
  • Many students complain about not being able to see what’s on the board so I’ll have to turn off the lights, but then some students complain about the screens being too bright. (I just had them adjust the brightness of the monitor)
  • On occasion, the whiteboard pens were old and not usable and the eraser was missing from the room. Please ask the consultants to do a quick check esp. before the first class in the morning.
  • The whiteboards are almost never erased in 90A Shields. This was also true of summer session and was true last year as well. I don't actually care if the lab attendants do it, but I don't want to have to erase an entire boards' worth of notes from an earlier class. If the lab attendants don't have time to do it, that's fine, but tell the people using the rooms to clean up after themselves so they know to do it. They're assuming the attendants are doing it. I've had to ask people myself to start cleaning up after themselves, and that's really awkward.

Question 3. How would you rate your overall experience teaching in CLM Computer Classrooms this quarter compared with previous quarters?

Better 1
Same 10
Worse 1
N/A 5

"Better" Reasons given:

  • Previous rooms I've taught in were noisier, less clean.

"Same" Reasons given:

  • Same great service at SCC!
  • Great service
  • Excellent as always

"Worse" Reasons given:

  • As noted, more AV/Canvas issues then previously

Question 4. What pedagogical issues, if any, have you faced while teaching in a computer classroom?

  • None
  • 241 has the perennial problem of students on the far side of the room (furthest from the door) either facing that wall or being shorter than the monitor -- it takes extra vigilance to keep them engaged in class.
  • We need better (MUCH better) lighting in the Shields classrooms, but no one seems to be able to do a thing about it, and it isn't your responsibility.
  • students not focused on what we're doing in class. Harder to have small-group discussions because of long rows of tables - but this classroom had more room than others.
  • Students always try to surf the internet in the 90A Shields because of the way the computers are set up. It's a terrible design for student engagement. There's much less off task behavior in the other computer classrooms when the screens are visible.
  • olson 21 - computers facing away from front has been difficult for students to see and work at same time

Question 5. What technological issues, if any, have you faced while teaching in a computer classroom?

  • none!
  • Sometimes the screen goes to sleep randomly (this is with me not touching it)
  • Latest version of Office is a pain.
  • Canvas was down one time when we needed it. Open office crashes when we try to do reports.
  • a row of computers weren’t working because a plug fell out
  • The projector in 90A seemed to be have trouble turning on and off at times when I would try to use blank screen. I had to reboot it several times, which is really time consuming in the middle of class.

Question 6. How was your overall teaching experience in the computer classroom?

  • More than Great!
  • Great! Tim Leamy is awesome!
  • Very good
  • Good.
  • Good.
  • Good

Question 7. Do you have any other comments or suggestions regarding the computer classrooms.

  • Please keep the blu-ray/dvd players! I play a movie for my DES classes every quarter.
  • I wish there could be a whiteboard eraser on both whiteboards at all times, because sometimes, if I happen to write on one whiteboard and then the eraser is on the other, I have to walk across the room to get to the other board and then come back, which kind of cuts off my explanation to students. (75 Hutchison)
  • see above
  • I would redesign 90A Shields to configure the desks differently.
  • helpful and responsive staff

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