Student Laptop Survey - Spring 2014


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Survey Interpretation

Laptop ownership is very high among students with 96% owning a laptop. Only 1.3% of student own neither a laptop nor tablet PC. However, in general students don't appear to bring their computers to campus consistently. In question #3 the combined "Rarely" & "Never" responses were 70% or higher for every campus location except "Classrooms", "Coffee House" and "Library/24 hr Reading Room".

Question 4 shows that students would like to bring their laptops to campus more often. In the past lack of WiFi coverage was a major issue. It now appears that in general wireless coverage is sufficient for students.
The major impediments currently appear to be:

  • Not enough power outlets
  • Small desks in the classrooms
  • Laptops are too heavy to carry around campus

It is unclear if or when the issues limiting laptop use on campus can be resolved.

  • Modifying the classrooms and lecture halls to support laptops by installing power and larger desks is unlikely to happen in the near future.  The project would be very expensive, time consuming, and would likely reduce the number of seats in some lecture halls.  So it may not be feasible.
  • It is more likely that changes in laptop technology can address these issues.  Tablet or convertible computers should be more useable with the existing lecture hall desks, since they would fit on the desks and allow students to take notes with a stylus. It is possible that battery life would increase substantially in the future.  If there was a light convertable computer with long battery life it might overcome the impediments listed above.
  • Another possibility is students might start bringing tablets (iPad, Andriod, etc.) to campus instead of laptops. They are smaller, lighter, and don't require as frequent charging. It remains to be seen if tablets can meet students computing needs.

Survey Text

On May 28th, 2014 Computer Lab Management (CLM) sent the following survey 5000 students who had uses the campus computer rooms during Spring 2014.

We are investigating how the use of laptops will affect how clients interact with our services. Your feedback helps us understand, evaluate, and improve the services we offer UC Davis students. We appreciate your time and input.

Name (optional):
E-mail Address (optional):

1. Class Standing:

2. Do you own a laptop computer? (check all that apply)

I own a laptop
I own a tablet PC, including convertible laptop/tablets
I do not own a laptop computer. (if you checked this box, please )

2A. What operating system do you use on your laptop computer. If you own more than laptop computer, please respond for the one you use most often.

Operating system:

3A. Please check how often you use your laptop computer in the following campus locations.

Coffee House:
Library/24 Hr Reading Room:
MU study lounge:
Student Community Center (SCC):
Other campus lounges:
Residence Halls:
Silo area:
Please indicate other on-campus locations here:

3B. Please mark how often you use your laptop computer in the following off-campus locations.

Apartment Lounge:
Friend's house:
Coffee Shop:
Please indicate other off-campus locations here:

4. Please indicate how much each statement applies to you.

My laptop computer is a good weight to carry with me.
There is sufficient wireless network coverage on campus.
There are sufficient power outlets available on campus.
There are sufficient wired network ports on campus.
I am concerned about theft or damage to my laptp when I bring it to campus.
It is convenient to use my laptop in campus lecture halls.
Why/Why not?
It is more convenient to use the campus computer rooms than my laptop.
Why/Why not?
I would like to use my laptop computer on campus more often.
I would use my laptop computer on campus more if...

5. Indicate how often you print from your laptop computer at home and in the campus computer rooms.

I print at home.
I print in the computer rooms by transferring files from my laptop computer.
I print in the computer rooms using the Wireless Printing service.

6. What type of printer do you own?

7. Have you used the campus Wireless Printing service?

8A. If so, please rate the following:

The one-time setup was easy.
Have you had problems when using the Wireless Printing service?
Please explain.
Wireless Printing is a valuable service.

8. Do you have other suggestions or comments regarding laptop computer use on campus?

Survey Results

There were 300 responses.  296 students owned a laptop and/or tablet PC. The percentages listed in "Class Standing" and "Do you own a laptop computer?" are for all respondents.  All the other percentages are of those students who own a computer.

Question 1. Class Standing

  Number Percentage
First year 33 11.0%
Second year 63 21.0%
Third year 71 23.7%
Fourth year 82 27.3%
Fifth or more year 9 3.0%
Masters candidate 10 3.3%
PhD candidate 15 5.0%
Professional School 0 0%
No answer 8 2.7%

Question 2. Do you own a laptop computer?

  Number   Percentage
Laptop 288 96.0%
Tablet PC 57 19.0%
Own both Laptop & Tablet 31 10.3%
Don't own 4 1.3%

Operating System:

  Number Percentage
Windows 8 52 17.6%
Windows 7 101 34.1%
Windows Vista 9 3.0%
Windows XP 4 1.4%
Windows - older version 0 0%
Windows - not sure 4 1.4%
Mac OS X 10.9 55 18.6%
Mac OS X 10.8 13 4.4%
Mac OS X 10.7 5 1.7%
Mac OS X 10.6 6 2.0%
Mac OS X- older version 1 0.3%
Mac OS X - not sure 28 9.5%
Linux 7 2.4%
Other unix 0 0%
Other 0 0%
No answer 15 5.1%

Question 3A. Please mark how often you use your laptop computer in the following campus locations


  Number   Percentage
Daily 65 22.0%
Few times/wk 70 23.6%
Weekly 21 7.1%
Rarely 90 30.4%
Never 43 14.5%
No answer 11 3.7%

Coffee House

  Number   Percentage
Daily 16 5.4%
Few times/wk 50 16.9%
Weekly 32 10.8%
Rarely 111 37.5%
Never 73 24.7%
No answer 18 6.1%

Library/24 hr Reading Room

  Number   Percentage
Daily 24 8.1%
Few times/wk 55 18.6%
Weekly 49 16.6%
Rarely 122 41.2%
Never 39 13.2%
No answer 11 3.7%

MU study lounge

  Number   Percentage
Daily 14 4.7%
Few times/wk 27 9.1%
Weekly 24 8.1%
Rarely 101 34.1%
Never 118 39.9%
No answer 16 5.54%

Student Community Center (SCC)

  Number   Percentage
Daily 20 6.8%
Few times/wk 20 6.8%
Weekly 29 9.8%
Rarely 101 34.1%
Never 116 39.2%
No answer 14 4.7%

Other campus lounges

  Number   Percentage
Daily 20 6.8%
Few times/wk 26 8.8%
Weekly 29 9.8%
Rarely 112 37.8%
Never 94 31.8%
No answer 19 6.4%


  Number   Percentage
Daily 4 1.4%
Few times/wk 14 4.7%
Weekly 19 6.4%
Rarely 91 30.7%
Never 156 52.7%
No answer 16 5.4%

Residence Halls

  Number   Percentage
Daily 27 9.1%
Few times/wk 8 2.7%
Weekly 3 1.0%
Rarely 35 11.8%
Never 209 70.6%
No answer 18 6.1%


  Number   Percentage
Daily 5 1.7%
Few times/wk 17 5.7%
Weekly 26 8.8%
Rarely 90 30.4%
Never 148 50.0%
No answer 14 4.7%

Silo area

  Number   Percentage
Daily 12 4.1%
Few times/wk 30 10.1%
Weekly 29 9.8%
Rarely 109 36.8%
Never 104 35.1%
No answer 16 5.4%


  Number   Percentage
Daily 24 8.1%
Few times/wk 18 6.1%
Weekly 13 4.4%
Rarely 39 13.2%
Never 112 37.8%
No answer 94 31.8%

Other locations given:

  • Labs, outside
  • MAE CAE Lab
  • MU 3rd floor
  • MU Upstairs Patio
  • My Department in SS&H
  • my office, my departmental lounge, the copy room in my building
  • Olson
  • Olson Hall Lounge Area
  • on benches in misc. areas outside, such as near Olson Hall or Dutton Hall
  • physics building
  • Physics Building
  • Private tables scattered outside on campus
  • RMI North
  • RMI South Lab
  • Science lab building
  • science lab building study lounges
  • seed biotechnology center near rec pool
  • segundo dorm area
  • Shied Library
  • South Hall
  • Sproul
  • storer, meyer hall
  • Track and Field annex
  • TRV
  • TRV study lounge
  • United States
  • United States
  • United States
  • Voorhies Hall
  • Westvillage, if you consider that campus

Question 3B. Please mark how often you use your laptop computer in the following off-campus locations.


  Number   Percentage
Daily 276 93.2%
Few times/wk 5 1.7%
Weekly 3 1.0%
Rarely 2 0.7%
Never 3 1.0%
No answer 11 3.7%

Apartment Lounge

  Number   Percentage
Daily 35 11.8%
Few times/wk 16 5.4%
Weekly 22 7.4%
Rarely 46 15.5%
Never 157 53.0%
No answer 24 8.1%

Friend's house

  Number   Percentage
Daily 19 6.4%
Few times/wk 46 15.5%
Weekly 48 16.2%
Rarely 104 35.1%
Never 62 20.9%
No answer 21 7.1%

Coffee Shop

  Number   Percentage
Daily 8 2.7%
Few times/wk 31 10.5%
Weekly 30 10.1%
Rarely 103 34.8%
Never 109 36.8
No answer 19 6.4%


  Number   Percentage
Daily 6 2.0%
Few times/wk 8 2.7%
Weekly 9 3.0%
Rarely 25 8.4%
Never 131 44.3%
No answer 121 40.9%

Other locations given:

  • amtrak, public library,
  • anywhere outside of home
  • Apartment pool, train
  • Behind Dutten hall
  • dog park, other parks, porches
  • Fast food places
  • Library
  • Off Campus Lab
  • Outside
  • Outside
  • Pool
  • Poolside
  • Residence Halls
  • Target store
  • Train
  • Traveling.
  • Work

Question 4. Please indicate how much each statement applies to you.

My laptop computer is a good weight to carry with me.

  Number   Percentage
Strongly agree 66 22.3%
Agree 73 24.7%
Neutral 39 13.2%
Disagree 86 29.1%
Strongly disagree 26 8.8%
No answer 10 3.4%

There is sufficient wireless network coverage on campus.

  Number   Percentage
Strongly agree 35 11.8%
Agree 142 48.0%
Neutral 59 19.9%
Disagree 46 15.5%
Strongly disagree 6 2.0%
No answer 12 4.1%

There are sufficient power outlets available on campus.

  Number   Percentage
Strongly agree 15 5.1%
Agree 52 17.6%
Neutral 57 19.2%
Disagree 119 40.2%
Strongly disagree 46 15.5%
No answer 11 3.7%

There are sufficient wired network ports on campus.

  Number   Percentage
Strongly agree 6 2.0%
Agree 32 10.8%
Neutral 185 62.5%
Disagree 37 12.5%
Strongly disagree 14 4.7%
No answer 26 8.8%

I am concerned about theft or damage to my laptop when I bring it to campus.

  Number   Percentage
Strongly agree 28 9.5%
Agree 90 30.4%
Neutral 75 25.3%
Disagree 80 27.0%
Strongly disagree 16 5.4%
No answer 11 3.7%

It is convenient to use my laptop in campus lecture halls.

  Number   Percentage
Strongly agree 26 8.8%
Agree 74 25.0%
Neutral 76 25.7%
Disagree 86 29.1%
Strongly disagree 26 8.8%
No answer 12 4.1%

Why/Why not reasons given:

  • For "Strongly Agree"
    • Easier to take notes
    • Easier to take notes and don't have to carry different notebooks to different classes
    • Easier to take notes, can do other things if needed
    • easy to access to my homework
    • facilitate note taking. lectures slides often available. Can look up things professor is talking about as its happening.
    • For programming class, it is always good to have a laptop to actually follow up the programming examples.
    • I can multitask while in class.
    • I take notes every class
    • It can take a while to connect
    • It is easier to take notes on.
    • it's easy to take notes directly on lecture slides that have been put up on smartsite and easy to google something briefly in class when I need more information on what the professor is talking about
    • Most professors are amenable to students using laptops to take notes, and there is typically ample space to set up a laptop on the lecture hall desks.
    • note taking is faster when they don't understand how long it takes to write notes
    • Searching up info online or lecture notes
    • To take notes during lectures.
  • For "Agree"
    • Because I can type my notes faster than I can write them
    • can take notes
    • Can't plug it in.
    • Csn Type up notes onto slide. Faster thsn writing.
    • Desks are large enough.
    • Desks in most lecture halls are a bit small and uncomfortable, but overall fine for laptop use. Some rooms have trouble connecting to the internet more than others.
    • easier to take notes, especially in long classes
    • easy to take notes
    • Faster to take notes
    • Faster to take notes
    • I can do everything I need to do with my laptop in class
    • I can place the laptop on the desk
    • I generally just need to take notes, give ppt presentations, so I don't need internet
    • I just use it on my lap typically (or occasionally on the desk)
    • I simply put it on my lap and connect to the wifi. There are usually no issues with this.
    • I type faster when I take notes.
    • It allows for faster note taking as well as the ability to follow along with the slides on your laptop if the professor is moving too fast.
    • It is great to lookup things said by the professor (terms and concepts) I am not familiar with
    • It is quite convenient to use a portable device on campus, although the on campus login prompt might not always show up.
    • it's easy to take notes
    • Less writing
    • Look at powerpoints & take note on laptop when time doesn't allow me to print out the powerpoint lecture.
    • Most class rooms have good sized desks, but some are tiny or have insufficient bandwidth for the number of computers on the network like it scilec 123
    • my laptop has a long lasting battery and is small
    • Need more outlets for most campuses, otherwise it's fine
    • Paper-free access to notes.
    • Poor wi-fi in Olson, and some professor don't allow laptops.
    • Quicker than handwriting notes.
    • since i can take notes faster
    • Sometimes it can be hard because of the small desks.
    • Sometimes professors who use PowerPoint go too fast and it is good to have it to follow along.
    • sync all my notes to all my other devices
    • There are certain types of classes in which the professor lectures a bit too quickly for me to keep up with my handwriting.
    • There is generally wireless. It's also a good medium for notetaking
    • use laptop to take notes
  • For "Neutral"
    • Can never get internet in Young Hall or in 1324 Storer Hall.
    • certain lecture halls are laptop use friendly- wifi in Olson is unreliable
    • convenient in classrooms depending on availability of outlets.
    • depends on the class and type of desk
    • Depends on the class really.
    • Desks are small, my laptop gets loud/hot, clunky
    • Desks are too small for my laptop, and not always plugs, but still manageable and worth it if I need my computer
    • Desks are very small, outlets are often not available
    • don't need it for class
    • Heavy to bring, larger than any desk on campus
    • I am neutral because I think it is convenient to use a laptop, but the tables are too small.
    • I can see why it's convenient, but I don't like doing it.
    • I don't always use it in class
    • I have a pretty small laptop but the desk table sizes are tiny!
    • I have long arms and have to sit like a t-rex to type in those small chairs.
    • I have no need to; I take notes on paper.
    • i take better notes during lecture with paper and pen, there are less distractions
    • idk
    • I'm doing calculations.
    • It helps with notetaking, but the desks are too small for the most part.
    • It is convenient, but the desk space is very limited and can become cramped, especially in large lecture halls.
    • It's nice to take notes on my laptop, but I prefer hand writing my notes. My laptop is also big and a little heavy, so I don't want to bike around with extra weight.
    • lack of availability of plugs
    • Mostly my notes are math or pics you cant draw with a laptop
    • My laptop is too big to put on the lecture desks so I have to put it on my lap.
    • My slim laptop broke and my other one is too heavy to carry on a regular basis
    • need more power outlets. wifi spotty in some lecture halls (e.g. Wellman basement)
    • Not enough power outlets in older buildings
    • Other than MacBooks I feel as though some classes aren't battery friendly for laptops. Also certain classes have desks which make using a laptop a annoyance.
    • Seating and desk space is a bit cramped for full size laptops
    • Some halls (rock, kleiber) have shoddy reception
    • Some of the tables are an awkward height or too small to place my laptop or tablet
    • Sometimes it is, sometimes it is not. The bigest thing would be more outlets in the lecture halls, but that's not always possible considering how dense seating is.
    • Students typing their keywords are too loud for me.
    • The desks are usually too small to be comfortable.
  • For "Disagree"
    • As with all college lecture halls, the desks are tiny. Laptops are usually used to supplement the lecture (ie electronic notes and reference) while taking notes on pen and paper. The desks can only accommodate one option: either pen and paper or laptop.
    • Big laptop small back pack small desk
    • Depends on which lecture hall - there are not sufficient outlets in RMI Sensory, RMI North, or RMI South
    • Desks are small
    • desks are small, but can use it in your lap
    • desks are too small
    • Desks are too small and there are few plugs within range
    • Desks are too small for laptop and notebook use.
    • Desks are too small, not enough outlets in the rooms.
    • Desks are too small, power outlets too few.
    • Desks are too small.
    • Desks are too small.
    • Desks are too small.
    • Desks aren't big enough
    • desks in lecture halls are small
    • Desks too small. Worried about dropping it.
    • Desks/seats are too small/cramped
    • Distracting and not useful. Paper notes work better for me.
    • DIstracting to others.
    • Easier to write equations than type them
    • Few power outlets
    • have you seen how small the desk tops are? Even then balancing it on your lap is difficult when the desks/chairs are so close together you have no elbow room. not to mention the rows are so close together that there is no room for people to pass between you and the chair in front of you to get past, people literally climing over each other to get around isn't very good for laptops
    • Heavy and no power outlets
    • I have a big heavy laptop!
    • I haven't used it in lecture halls for a while but as of about 2 years ago the Internet connectivity was very poor. Also, there are never easy hookups for the overhead projector for Macs.
    • I like to write my notes
    • I like writing my notes more
    • I'd rather write my notes.
    • It can be difficult to use my laptop in lecture halls due to the scarcity of power outlets in some classrooms.
    • It is because my laptop is somewhat heavy.
    • it is hard to find seats near power outlets
    • It is large and may be hit by students trying to get to their seats.
    • It wears and is more exposed to damage
    • lack of power outlets
    • Lack of outlets
    • Lack of outlets, small desks
    • Laptop too big/desks too small. No power outlets in lecture halls. Distracting
    • laptop too large
    • Laptops take up the entire desk space in lecture halls.
    • Large laptops are precarious on the foldout tables and hard to fit on lab between arm rests
    • Lecture desks too small
    • Low battery life on laptop, and some professors don't allow it
    • Many classroom individual tables that're attached to individual chairs are too small
    • Mine dies within 20 minutes, and many classrooms don't have outlets for students.
    • Mine is to large. 17 inch seven.and too heavy.
    • My laptop is bigger than I would like if I were to take my laptop to class. It would be too big for the desk.
    • My laptop is kind of big and bulky, it's not really suited to sit on top of the small desks in most lecture halls.
    • My laptop is too bulky
    • My laptop is too large/heavy
    • Need more outlets
    • no power plugs by seats
    • Not a lot of space in many campus lecture halls
    • Not enough outlets, desks too small for my big ass laptop :(
    • not enough plug points. the desks are small.
    • Not enough power outlets
    • Not enough power outlets. My computer is too heavy to consistently bring it to campus.
    • Not enough room
    • Outlets
    • Power and desk space
    • Seats and desks are too small in big lecture halls. There isn't any elbow room.
    • Size
    • small desk size
    • Small desks; I also prefer using paper for notes
    • Some lecture halls it is very easy -- but many of them have desks that are so small, they can barely support the weight of the computer.
    • Some of the desks are too small to fit my laptop.
    • Some of the tables especially in Storer Hall are too small.
    • Sometimes the internet is not great, also the desks are often small or slanted so it can be hard to type...especially in Wellman
    • Table tops too small and i simply prefer note paper
    • Takes up too much space and can be distracting.
    • The desk space is often insufficient.
    • the desks are really small
    • the desks are too small and it distracts other students
    • The desks are too small or too low. There are also no outlets to charge while in a lecture hall.
    • The desks are too small.
    • The desks are too small.
    • The desks in most lecture halls are too small to support my laptop comfortably.
    • Theres no outlets my computer will die
    • TINY DESKS sometimes can't get the internet, or it takes forever to log in to the internet
    • Too bulky
    • too distracting from lecture
    • Too heavy to carry around.
    • Too many students and not enough space
    • Usually the desk is too small for it to be comfortable (I have a 15")
    • With back to back classes, I need a power source
  • For "Strongly disagree"
    • Because my computer is ancient, doesn't have a battery, takes 10-15 minutes to load.... Shall I go on?
    • Desk are too small, so it is very uncomfortable to do so.
    • Desk space is insufficient, hard to use laptop to take notes without physical mouse.
    • Desk space very small
    • desks are too small to balance safely and rows are so narrow if bumped my computer will fall
    • Desks too small
    • I am a better learner when I take notes by hand
    • It takes awhile to connect to the network
    • Many lecture halls only have one or two power outlets. Additionally, the desks are sometimes too small for my laptop.
    • No convenient outlet
    • No outlet except in back of room
    • NO OUTLETS -_- AGHHH so annoying
    • no outlets and tiny desks
    • Not allowed by teachers in the English dept.
    • Not enough power outlets.
    • Poor battery life, not enough electrical outlets, laptop is too heavy
    • Prefer writing
    • Small desk surface area
    • Small desk, no outlets
    • Tables are way too small, and no outlets
    • The desks are too small
    • The feels aren't big enough and there are no outlets
    • Too big, distracting, typing sound is annoying while trying to listen to lecture
    • too heavy

It is more convenient to use the campus computer rooms than my laptop.

  Number   Percentage
Strongly agree 32 10.8%
Agree 54 18.2%
Neutral 89 30.1%
Disagree 82 27.7%
Strongly disagree 31 10.5%
No answer 12 4.1%

Why/Why not reasons given:

  • For "Strongly Agree"
    • Because they work better than my laptop does.
    • better connection, no need to worry about battery draining, faster.
    • Computers have needed specialty software (Bainer computer labs) and are a good meeting place for group projects.
    • Convenient
    • Don't have to carry laptop around, usually only use computers at school to print notes
    • don't have to carry laptop with me
    • Don't have to worry about finding an outlet.
    • don't need to bring my heavy laptop
    • Easily accessible and my laptop is heavy fuck that
    • I don't have to carry my laptop around all day.
    • I don't need to carry alot of charger, and lack of power outlet on campus
    • I have. Desktop computer in my lab where I work during the week, so no need to carry my laptop around
    • It takes awhile to connect to the network
    • Laptop is too heavy
    • Laptop is too heavy to bring to campus.
    • Larger keyboard. Quiet space. Use of specific programs.
    • My laptop is too big and heavy, plus it's easier to print on campus
    • My laptop is too heavy for me to carry around all day. The computers on campus is a much easier alternative.
    • Out of my budget as it should be
    • Portability of laptop and weight
    • Print capabilities
    • Proprietary software, such as PATRAN, SolidWorks,etc.
    • Short lines for computers, connected to printers, no worry for damage to laptop
    • So I can print stuff and not have to find a place to use my laptop
    • They are usually available. I find Macs more useful for certain classes.
    • They're way more convenient
  • For "Agree"
    • Because my laptop is a hunk of junk.
    • Campus computers are faster than my laptop.
    • Can use the printer easily.
    • Computer rooms have printing and scanning.
    • Do not need to bring
    • Don't have to carry it around
    • Don't have to carry my big heavy laptop
    • Don't have to carry my laptop
    • Don't have to carry my laptop around with me.
    • don't have to worry about theft or damaging computer
    • During the day I do not have access to specific software through IET Virtual lab. (STATA) Additionally, printing from my laptop to department or campus printers is impossible to configure.
    • Easier to access internet
    • I can use MatLab to its full potential
    • I don't have to carry it and find a plug for it.
    • I don't have to carry my laptop around
    • I don't need my computer on campus because any work that I want to do in between classes or work I can do it in the campus computer room
    • I don't usually like to carry my laptop around
    • I only need to access my email or online files usually (when I'm on campus)
    • I'm slightly concerned about my laptop being damaged when I bring it to campus. It's also heavy for a laptop so if I have classes all day, it's easier not to bring it. However if I'm at my internship then I feel fine about bringing my laptop to lab all day.
    • Internet connection.
    • It is easier to print from the computer rooms.
    • It is nice to use those computers but most often these computer rooms are standup only areas.
    • It's confinement for times that I just need to do something quick. If I have a longer assignment though I like having my personal laptop
    • Less concern about battery, weight, and damage.
    • Less loading time. Bigger screen. Great keyboards.
    • Less stuff to carry around
    • Less weight
    • My laptop is big and computer rooms are better for on campus needs
    • my laptop is heavy
    • Outlets, weight of laptop
    • Printers/convenient (I don't have to carry my laptop)
    • Printing is easier. Don't have to carry weight of laptop and charger
    • so i do not have to carry my laptop around
    • So i dont have to carry around my laptop.
    • So I don't have to carry my computer, but the campus computers are often all being used
    • So i wont have to carry it with me
    • Software necessary for homework
    • Sometimes if I need to print then I will email a document to myself and print it from on campus
    • The CAE for mech engineering is very useful. I go there all the time.
    • The campus computer rooms are installed with many programs such as photoshop and are using newer microsoft office such as the 2013 version
    • The printing ability and speed of checking notes or email.
    • There is lots of room, so it is more comfortable to do so. There is also a mouse which is easier to use.
    • This is only when I want to use a computer at school. It is a lot easier to use a computer that's already there, than to have to carry it from home.
  • For "Neutral"
    • Access to printers makes it less convenient.
    • Agree because when I don't have my laptop, I know where to go. Disagree because I definitely cannot use them during lectures that are not recorded
    • Campus computer rooms are handy for printing.
    • Depends on what I need to do.
    • For printing reasons i prefer to use campus computer rooms since i don't have a printer
    • has more available programs, faster than using the remote access
    • Have never visited a campus computer room.
    • I don't have Microsoft Office so campus computers are convenient, especially since they are connected to printers
    • I don't line carrying my laptop but I like the flexibility it gives me to work wherever I like
    • i don't really care about which i use
    • I don't usually use computer rooms.
    • I just use the campus computer for the scanner.
    • I like having all my documents in front of me. On my computer. But my labtop can be pretty heavy when paired with books and binders.
    • I only use campus computers to print things
    • I only use the campus computer rooms to print.
    • I prefer using my laptop to take notes and complete assignments, but I frequently use campus computer rooms to print materials for class.
    • I use both.
    • I use the campus computers to print and use Modelsim and Quartus. Those programs run too slow remotely.
    • If I use the campus computer rooms, I don't have to bring my own heavy laptop everyday, but the downside is that I can't access all my files on my laptop whenever I want.
    • It depends on what you want to do.
    • It is only convenient when I need to print things.
    • It is when I need to print but I don't like working in a crowded environment
    • I've only been to the print center in Wellman (I'm not sure if that counts as a computer room), but I don't like having a timed session, or know that someone is anxiously waiting to get my computer when I'm done.
    • Less portable but more programs like pdf creators.
    • Most computer rooms are across campus. The VEN computer room is easy to use and generally sufficient.
    • My laptop is heavy to carry around campus, but it can be difficult to find an available sit-down computer.
    • My laptop is portable and i can whip it out most places on campus. However, I print out a lot of papers, so I like being able to just walk into a nearby computer room and printing whatever i need. or if i'm too lazy to take out my laptop, it's easy to go to a computer room to check something online.
    • Only if I need to print something out
    • printing
    • Sometimes I need programs that are on my laptop, other times laptop is annoying and heavy to the on campus ones are better. and the on campus computers have faster internet and processing speeds. but i also dont like word 2013. also i need them for library research. but sometimes the line to wait for a campus computer can take a while
    • Sometimes, because i am less likely to get distracted on a public computer.
    • The campus computers have access to printers
    • They are faster and convenient to use, but they are always full and finding a seat is difficult. If I bring my own laptop, I know that I will be able to do my work. If I try to go to a computer lab, there is no guarantee that I will get a computer and be able to get my work done.
    • They can be as I have most things in the cloud, but I am just more familiar with my laptop
    • When printing is involved.
    • yes except when the computer rooms are full
    • Yes, for printing
  • For "Disagree"
    • access files, campus computer rooms are mostly windows computer labs, they are often busy/crowded
    • All my work is already on my laptop.
    • availability
    • availability and location
    • Campus computer rooms are often really full. Since there is internet access throughout campus, using a laptop is better.
    • cause then I have to go to the campus computer room
    • Computer rooms fill up fast or reserved for classes. There are more places to work with a laptop.
    • I can carry my laptop with all of my stuff with me without having to go out of my way to use a computer.
    • I can do whatever I need to on my laptop and can use it whenever I need, versus going to a computer room where I'll have to wait in line to use a sit down computer sometimes is less convenient.
    • I can find the right study arrangement for me
    • I can go to group study sessions with my laptop
    • I can take my laptop anywhere, including class. I do use campus computer rooms when I need to print or when my computer doesn't have something that the computer room does
    • I can take my laptop anywhere. But the printing rooms are awesome
    • I cannot take the campus computers into class
    • I can't move
    • I don't have to wait in line
    • I have all my information saved on my personal
    • I have guaranteed access to a computer when I bring my laptop. Only use computer rooms to print.
    • I have to exit my room and go to the computer labs, which often have computers that I am not accustomed to.
    • I like using my laptop.
    • I prefer my personal laptop
    • I prefer to use my own laptop.
    • if I use the campus computer rooms, I need to log in and it bothers me
    • If I want to have uninterrupted access, I must have my own laptop.
    • It often gets full
    • It's not terribly bad, just when I need files that are saved on my laptop.
    • laptop can use ansywehre
    • Laptops are better, obviously, can go anywhere
    • limited seating, can't take the computer with me.
    • Limited time usage
    • limited to a specific space
    • more portable
    • My laptop has dropbox that syncs with my desktop, phone, and tablet.
    • My laptop is always with me and it's configured the way I like it.
    • My laptop is customized to my use
    • my laptop is personalized, portable and where ever i bring it i can sit
    • Need to send documents to my laptop.
    • No lines, more freedom and more comfortable with my own laptop
    • no lines/waiting
    • Not always readily accessible.
    • Outlets
    • People tend to forget to send files to themselves; something's just aren't on the school computer's system.
    • Settings are not customized like on my laptop
    • Sometimes internet can be bad, and you have no choice but to use campus computer. Also, a lot easier to print on a campus computer
    • Sometimes there isn't space at the computer labs
    • The computer rooms are crowded and a lot of people are using them so mine is personal and I dont have to take up other peoples time/space
    • The computers on campus are slow as all hell and are usually taken
    • The CSIF, the computer room that I use most often, experiences problems that my laptop doesn't. For instance, was going to print something out, but since I wasn't in ECS 175 anymore, my quota dropped down to 100mb from 300mb, meaning I was over... which prevented me from logging on. Had to SSH into it from my laptop, drop below the quota, and then I could log on.
    • The MU room was most useful, but it's now closed
    • The public computers do not always have the programs I need
    • There are not a lot of space to sit and use a campus computer, most of them have a 10 min limit
    • There are not always computers available when I need one and they are not close to where most of my class is in south campus.
    • There are only a few places I can print from my lap top, so I wind up using the lab
    • There is no time limit for your laptop
    • There often are waits for the campus computers. My laptop is more convenient because I have all my documents on it.
    • Too many people and far from my lecture hall (room).
    • Useful if I need to print something. Otherwise, I use my laptop because all the programs and files I need are on there.
  • For "Strongly disagree"
    • Because I can be anywhere on campus with my laptop.
    • Better with personal comp
    • Can be occupied and I cannot choose where to study
    • computer rooms are uncomfortable and crowded
    • Cuz I prefer my own laptop.
    • Have to wait for too long.
    • I am rarely in/near the computer rooms.
    • I have to go to a computer room and then not have any of my files on the campus computer.
    • I like using my laptop more than campus computers because I have all the pertinent information saved on the hard drive.
    • I only use computer rooms for printing, because otherwise it takes too long to access and set up the programs I need.
    • I prefer to use my own personal computer for the sake of comfort
    • It does not have my personal files that I would need. PLus there is a time limit when using the computers in computer room.
    • laptop is more convenient
    • Laptops are portable. I am never in danger of not getting a laptop spot like I would be in a computer lounge.
    • My computer has everything I need on it (files, bookmarks, to do lists, etc.).
    • my computer has my whole life on it already.
    • My laptop A) has all my documents and applications and B) is with me at all times, so it is much more convenient than the computer rooms.
    • My laptop is configured specifically for me. Using anything else is a hassle unless it has software that I don't have myself.
    • My laptop is more easily accessible.
    • Not enough
    • Too few, long waits, too far from where I am usually
    • Waiting lines

I would like to use my laptop computer on campus more often.

  Number   Percentage
Strongly agree 48 16.2%
Agree 102 34.5%
Neutral 94 31.8%
Disagree 31 10.5%
Strongly disagree 2 2.0%
No answer 19 6.4%

I would use my laptop computer on campus more if...

  • All classrooms had more sturdy desks.
  • better accessibility to internet and more outlets
  • Better wi-fi connection.
  • Bigger desks!
  • Easier for me personally to transport
  • have more power outlet on campus and strong signal network around the campus
  • I bought a smaller and lighter laptop.
  • i can get better and more stable wi-fi everywhere
  • I can't see a circumstance in which I would use my laptop more on campus.
  • I could get the internet without it taking forever to log into
  • I could print over the network, if there were laptop specific workstations with stands/docks to prevent fatigue/neck strain
  • I didn't have to carry it
  • I didn't have to carry it around all day
  • I didn't have to carry it everywhere and I didn't feel excessive using my laptop more often.
  • I didn't live so far
  • I feel like I use it exactly as much as I need to now
  • I get a lighter laptop
  • I had a better laptop bag(a safer way to transport it)
  • I had a good wireless signal at all locations, I had all the programs I needed installed on my laptop
  • I had a locker to keep it in on campus
  • I had a need to do so.
  • I had a new computer and a safe place to store it when it's not in use.
  • I had a newer, smaller laptop.
  • I had classes that required it.
  • I had more stuff I needed to do on it
  • I had to.
  • I needed it for my classes
  • I needed to.
  • I needed to.
  • I use my laptop on campus the most.
  • I were on campus more, but I only come in once a week.
  • I would have wifi everywhere
  • If I had a lighter laptop or a need to do more than just email on campus (which I can handle on my smartphone)
  • if it didn't take my devices FOREVER to finally pull up the sign in page to get online in the first place.
  • If there were more outlets. Especially in the library
  • If there were more places to charge my laptop that were convenient, I would use it more often.
  • If were more portable and had a battery life and there were more outlets near more tables.
  • It didn't weigh eight pounds
  • it had an actual mouse
  • It had better battery life.
  • It has all of my files, data, favorites.
  • It isn't necessary for me to use it more.
  • It took less time for the login page to 'find' my computer. Since about 1 year ago this greatly improved (meaning the login page pops up quicker than in prior to one year ago), however, it doesn't work as smoothly as the one on campus at UC Berkeley.
  • it was easier to bring to campus
  • It was easier to connect to the network
  • It was lighter
  • it was lighter
  • It was lighter
  • It was lighter and doesn't die in 15 mins
  • It was lighter and faster. My lab computer is less convenient but much faster.
  • It was lighter and I had more battery life or was able to find a power source easily.
  • it was lighter and not so valuable
  • it was lighter and there were more outlets around campus.
  • It was lighter and there were more plugs
  • It was lighter in weight. More convenient outlets.
  • It was lighter to carry.
  • It was lighter, I wasn't worried about theft, and I had a use for it
  • it was lighter.
  • it was lighter.
  • It was lighter. There were more power outlets in convenient locations.
  • it was more portable and had more study lounge locations to use them at.
  • It was not so heavy or such a burdern to bring my charger and find outlets.
  • it wasn't damaged and old. I need a new laptop.
  • It wasn't so heavy
  • It wasn't so heavy
  • it wasn't so heavy
  • It wasn't so heavy!
  • it wasn't so hot out! and if I was sure I could power it enough to take notes in class
  • it wasn't so nice outside most of the time.
  • It weighed less
  • It weighed less.
  • it weighed less.
  • it weighed less.
  • It were a newer computer
  • it were less annoying to carry, and easier to find plugs
  • It were lighter and it wouldn't get stolen
  • It were more convenient to use it as a notetaking device.
  • it were more portable
  • it were smaller and there was more space on desks in lecture halls.
  • It were smaller.
  • More of my professors posted their lectures on Smartsite.
  • More outlets
  • More outlets, and more computer friendly desks.
  • more outlets, plugs, if i get a lighter laptop
  • more outlets, specifically near quad. Internet in arboretum is lacking
  • More power outlets
  • More power plugs and networked printer access
  • More teachers allowed it.
  • My classes needed me to
  • My dorm room wasn't on campus.
  • My laptop is light, better battery life, and not overheating.
  • my laptop is lighter and there is more available power outlets.
  • my laptop is lighter......
  • My laptop was easier to carry.
  • My laptop was lighter
  • My laptop was lighter but that's not your problem :)
  • My laptop was lighter/smaller, or I bought a tablet computer. Also, if there were more power outlets on campus, or more private places to use my laptop away from tons of people.
  • my laptop was smaller and lighter.
  • My laptop wasn't so heavy. I also just like studying at home for some reason.
  • My laptop's weight is light enough for me.
  • Need be
  • Not applicable, as nothing is prohibiting me from using my laptop on campus.
  • on campus wireless internet were faster, i cant even open my email during peak hours. and if my laptop were lighter
  • Only if i needed to.
  • RMI got better wireless signal and had more available outlets
  • the class was going to quickly to take hand written notes
  • The computers on-campus were not available. I was not worried about damaging my laptop (bike accidents happen).
  • The internet was faster and had more wide spread coverage
  • The quad got better internet coverage. The itunes radio would play on the campus internet.
  • The signal would be strong at least in all parts of the libraries. Especially places close to walls and corners which are the perfect quiet places to study.
  • The wireless coverage is better outside buildings
  • There are more outlets and wifi areas like in the quad
  • There are more power outlets (which are not in strange locations). ****** Many outlets are right opposite the restrooms, but there is no outlets near most chairs and tables in the library. ******
  • There is internet connection in every place, even places that are a little run-down.
  • There is more outlets and tables designated for computer use.
  • there is more power outlets, especially in library.
  • there is sufficient wireless network coverage on campus, especially outside of the buildings
  • there was a stronger wifi signal on the quad and in Wellman
  • There was better coverage outside of building and more allowed connections in large lecture halls. often my laptop gets kicked off the network in the large ones if I want to use it.
  • there was better space and campus was more laptop friendly
  • There was graduate student remote access to software like STATA during the day.
  • There was more reception available in Young Hall.
  • There was more seating and outlet availability
  • There was more WIFI coverage
  • there was more wireless coverage (there is none right outside of scilab) and if the internet was faster
  • There was wi-fi absolutely everywhere
  • There was wifi on the quad
  • There was wireless printing and more outlets to charge
  • There were better wireless coverage in the Physical Sciences quad. Near Roessler Hall there is no internet connection.
  • There were more charging stations and outlets readily available in lecture halls.
  • There were more lounges or spaces available on campus.
  • there were more outlets
  • there were more outlets
  • there were more outlets
  • There were more outlets (especially in the CoHo)
  • There were more outlets an better coverage in buildings and open spaces
  • There were more outlets and better wifi in Wellman and the other old buildings
  • There were more outlets and my laptop weighed less.
  • there were more outlets and places to sit to study in places like the MU and SCC
  • There were more outlets and places to sit.
  • There were more outlets and places with outdoor seating that had wi-fi.
  • There were more outlets and space for computer users in general so that they can use laptops while referencing their books without having to worry too much about space.
  • There were more outlets available
  • There were more outlets in the CoHo.
  • there were more outlets to charge laptops and more sitting areas with wifi.
  • there were more outlets.
  • There were more outlets.
  • There were more plugs, my laptop was less heavy
  • there were more power outlets
  • There were more power outlets
  • there were more power outlets and more desk space in lecture halls
  • There were more power outlets available and the desks were larger
  • there were more power outlets in the cafeteria
  • there were more power outlets outside the 24 hour study room.
  • There were more teachers that posted slides the day of lecture, as well as more outlets.
  • there where more places to print wirelessly
  • there where more rooms with tables to sit and study at, with power outlets available.
  • There would be more outlets and better wireless coverage in lecture halls
  • UC Davis improves on changing the individual tables attached to the classroom chairs to bigger area sized tables by remodeling the classrooms and replacing the old chairs/tables with new chairs and bigger tables
  • Well my battery is currently crap, so I'd need more poewr outlets. But I think I'm an edge case, most poeple are sporting more-modern machines than I, and so have more than a half-hour of non-plugged-in time available.
  • wifi was better and didn't disconnect so much
  • Wireless coverage was better, and if there were more outlets and powerstrips in the library.

Question 5. Indicate how often you print from your laptop computer at home and in the campus computer rooms.

I print at home.

  Number   Percentage
Daily 26 8.8%
Few times/wk 54 18.2%
Weekly 60 20.3%
Rarely 71 24.0%
Never 74 25.0%
No answer 15 5.1%

I print in the computer rooms by transferring files from my laptop computer.

  Number   Percentage
Daily 16 5.4%
Few times/wk 64 21.6%
Weekly 87 29.4%
Rarely 74 25.0%
Never 45 15/2%
No answer 14 4.7%

I print in the computer rooms using the Wireless Printing service.

  Number   Percentage
Daily 3 1.0%
Few times/wk 6 2.0%
Weekly 18 6.1%
Rarely 61 20.6%
Never 187 63.2%
No answer 25 8.4%

Question 6. What type of printer do you own?

  Number   Percentage
None 90 30.4%
Ink Jet 138 46.6%
Laser 42 14.2%
Other 16 5.4%
No answer 14 4.7%

Question 8. Have you used the campus Wireless Printing service?

  Number   Percentage
Yes 55 18.6%
No 125 42.2%
I didn't know the service existed 108 36.5%
No answer 12 4.1%

Question 8A. If so, please rate the following:

The one-time setup was easy. (Percentages are of the 65 students who responded to this question)

  Number   Percentage
Strongly agree 15 23.1%
Agree 25 38.5%
Neutral 15 23.1%
Disagree 6 9.2%
Strongly disagree 4 6.2%

How often have you had problems when using the Wireless Printing service? (Percentages are of the 60 students who responded to this question)

  Number   Percentage
Never 37 61.7%
Once or twice 8 13.3%
A few times 6 10.0%
Many times 3 5.0
Almost always 6 10.0%

Explanations given:

  • Can't remember, but they made me not using this service anymore and go to the computer/ printing lab instead.
  • Connection didn't go through and the setup was very confusing
  • difficult to know that the printing is already out or not. and have to wait few minutes longer than print from the computer room
  • Document from laptop did not get sent.
  • Evertime i have tried to use the wireless printing and i wait for like 10 mins for my paper to print out. and then the people who work in the computer room usually tell me its down or not working and to print from a computer. so i gave up using it.
  • I attempted to use the wireless printing service, but was never able to make the service actually send my document to the printer, despite several attempts.
  • I have never used it.
  • I register and set it up just fine. My problem is getting it to actually print. It stays on Que for ever =(
  • I still cannot configure it.
  • I was had trouble selecting a printer, then had problems getting my print out after I had sent it. I don't use it anymore do to complication and free printing in the lab I work in.
  • I was in the printing queue for a long time and got confused whether or not something printed
  • It had a hard time connecting and the computer assistants had a hard time figuring out the problem as well
  • It uninstalled randomly from my piece of crap laptop.
  • jam
  • Lag time is too long
  • My laptop could not detect the printer after the one-time setup.
  • Never used
  • program seems to be fickle, it works one day then doesn't work the next
  • Takes a long time to process. Faster for me to open a file on the stand up computers and print from there
  • Takes too long.
  • They make me select a printer, which am I supposed to choose!?!?!

Wireless Printing is a valuable service. (Percentages are of the 60 students who responded to this question)

  Number   Percentage
Strongly agree 23 38.3%
Agree 24 40.0%
Neutral 12 20.0%
Disagree 0 0%
Strongly disagree 1 1.7%

Question Do you have other suggestions or comments regarding laptop computer use on campus?

  • - Wifi for "Moobilenetx" in some buildings is terrible (for example Storer Hall)
  • Add more stations near the silo buildings
  • Better power strips and install more outlets in lecture halls. That'd be awesome
  • Better wi-fi especially first floor/lower level of Olson, because that where we study.
  • Better wifi in the engineering library - lots of dead zones make it so that you have to be very strategic about where you sit.
  • Block the p2p Service please. I did not realized I can use P2P service on campus, but I was accidentally used it because the popped out windows from that website, which caused a bad result.
  • charging stations! if I forget my charger it is hard to find one because it is a newer model
  • ChemE computer lab network stops working periodically. Most computers do not allow Kerberos sign in and have network problems. Programs on computer crashes. More outlets are needed. Perhaps have extension cords available. Windows 8 cannot connect to moobilenetx and has certificate problem. Would be nice to have this fixes.
  • Color wireless printing would be nice.
  • I couldn't figure out how to print wirelessly from my laptop
  • I did not know I could print from my laptop, that would be nice to know how to use.
  • I don't use my laptop as much add I would like because the network reception is awful most of the time. It's quite ridiculous actually
  • I feel as though an individual who wishes to use a laptop has to be extremely committed to use the computer because of the various annoyances involved with using it in classes such as battery life, computer weighing a decent amount in the individual's backpack, sound/heat it produces.
  • improve network in dorms. almost everyday at 3pm my roomate and i cant access the internet
  • It would be great to offer to TAs the option to rent a laptop for a quarter's use so that I would not have to abandon my lesson plan and go to plan b on the daily because my computer once again won't copperate, but I can't afford a new one in the middle of the year. I think my students would appreciate that.
  • It would be nice if there were more wireless printing stations, and if more of the Campuses green spaces had wifi
  • It would be nice to have bigger discounts on programs like Microsoft Word or ways that we can rent laptops or something!
  • It would be wonderful to have more power outlets installed in campus lecture halls and classrooms (ie - under each desk), since it can be frustrating to run out of battery mid-lecture.
  • Keep us logged into the network when we shut our computers. It's really annoying and a hassle to re-log in every time we close and open our screens.
  • larger tables/desks.
  • Let people know about the different survives that you guys have and offer. Tell the RA's so they can tell the incoming students.
  • More computer labs would be nice
  • More electrical outlets in the library and other study lounges would be very helpful
  • More locker locations - like the ones in the library. I can store my laptop there when i dont need it during class, and it doesnt hurt my back and is safe and locked
  • more outlets more space to use your own laptop in the computer lab perhaps
  • More outlets would be great, but maybe hard to implement.
  • More power outlets in study areas, especially the library, would be usefull.
  • More power supplies in non-strange locations, thank you!
  • more wifi range and outlets to charge items
  • need more power outlet on campus.
  • Need to work on getting wireless access for all of campus. Also more chairs/tables in general would help as well.
  • Needs more convenient outlets. Too many seats in silo, library, mu do not have outlets
  • No complaints, really -- I recognize that I can't do some things (like wiereless printing) because I'm using the Linux OS, and I recognize that I made my decision when I prioritized power over battery life when purchasing my machine. I think you guys are doing a great job!
  • Not much, just power, nothing quite compares to having dual 24 inch LCDs on a desktop machine.
  • Nothing in particular.
  • Outlets should be accessible to more than just one table because charging wires may not be long enough to stretch to another table (ie. in the Silo). Placing outlets in between tables is good.
  • Please allow internet access on the quad, access to the itunes radio on the school internet, and remember my computer. I don't like having to log in every time i open my computer, and it usually takes a decent amount of time for the log in screen to come up.
  • Please get more outlets and make the audio visual equipment in classrooms accessible for apple products
  • Please make more spaces available for studying and also napping
  • Provide laptops for graduate students that are fully configured to campus networks, software, and printing.
  • put more outlets
  • Put printers in/ close to the reading room and other rooms for wireless printing online. There is no point of using wireless printing when I have to go to the computer lab anyways to pick it up
  • Some computer rooms don't have extra studying tables, so people who have laptops are not likely to use their laptop in there. Also, personally I find it easier to use the computer instead of taking out my laptop when i print things because the computers are already on and i just have to log in. Whereas i would have to wait for my laptop to resume.
  • The Carlson Health Sciences Library could use more outlets in the downstairs large rooms. There are great tables to work, but not many outlets.
  • The more and stronger wifi, the better. That is all.
  • The most important feature would be adding additional power outlets, especially to tables in such places as the MU and tables inside building lobbies.
  • The single biggest issue is the number of outlets. It can get really impeding, especially in places like the MU or Silo
  • There are not enough accessible outlets on campus to deal with the growing prevalence of people carrying all their electronics around. I know that you can't just install new wiring in all the buildings but even in the MU, along where the bench tables are, no outlets. Hallways, no outlets. The only rooms I have found with an abundance of outlets are the chem and physics labs and obviously those are not open for everyday use. I find myself just choosing to leave campus and study at home or elsewhere as a result. Same goes for the desks/class rooms. Nothing you can really fix. The wireless outside can be spotty, most of the "quad outdoor area" between the chem and physics buildings it says you can get internet signal... but its not in any amount your laptop can recognize as usable.
  • Unfortunately, signal is week in most places of the campus like close Hickey Pool and even inside of the libraries.
  • Very convenient!
  • We need better coverage outside of buildings, i.e. at the bus stops
  • We need more power outlets in study areas like the ARC lounge or MU study lounges
  • What is the campus wireless printing service?
  • Wifi connection is so terrible.
  • You should make the wireless printing service more well known because when I forget to print something at home I have to wait in Wellman during passing periods (which can be stressful).

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