Student Smartphone Survey - Spring 2014

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Survey Interpretation

Computer Lab Management (CLM) is investigating how the increasing use and capabilities of Smartphones (for example iPhone, Android, etc.) will affect how clients can interact with our services. The survey reports that 89.2% of students smartphone. This is a large jump from the 60.3% ownership rate from the smartphone survey in Winter 2011.

The survey shows that smartphones are used heavily for texting, checking email, connecting to the wireless network, and viewing non-class web pages. They are used less often for making phone calls, viewing class-related web pages, and listening to non-class podcasts/music. Smartphones are primarily used for personal reasons and not very much for academic work.
Interestingly, the frequency of use of making phone calls dropped dramatically from the Winter 2011 survey. The frequency of use of the wireless netowork inceased and most the other categoires remained roughly the same.

26.8% of students reported that owning a smartphone made them less likely to bring their laptop, tablet, or netbook to campus. The smaller/lighter form factor and ability to check email and the web appear to be the main factors driving the change in behavior.
However, the majority (65.4%) said that owning a smartphone didn't affect the liklihood of bringing their laptop to campus. Many of the comments indicate that students need their laptops to take notes and that laptops & smartphone serve different needs.

Survey Text

On May 27th, 2014 Computer Lab Management (CLM) sent the following survey 5000 students who had uses the campus computer rooms during Spring 2014.

We are investigating how the increasing use and capabilities of smartphones will affect how clients can interact with our services. Your feedback helps us understand, evaluate, and improve the services we offer UC Davis students. We appreciate your time and input.

Name (optional):
E-mail Address (optional):

1. Class Standing:

2a. What types of computers do you own? (check all that apply)

I own a desktop
I own a laptop, including convertible laptop/tablets

2b. Which of these other electronic devices do you own? (check all that apply)

I own a tablet (iPad, Android tablet, Kindle Fire, Nook HD)
I own a black-and-white dedicated eReader (Kindle, Nook)

3. Do you own a smartphone (Phone, Android, Windows Phone, or other phone that can check email and surf the web)?

No (if you checked this box, please )

4. Do you use a password (passcode/pattern/lockscreen/PIN) to protect your smartphone?


5. How often do you use your smartphone to:

Make phone calls
Check email
View class related web pages (SmartSite, etc)
View other web pages (non-class related)
Texting or Instant messaging
Read class related PDF, Word or other documents
Connect to Moobilenet (UCDavis wireless network)
Take notes in class
Listen to class related podcasts
Listen to non-class podcasts or other music
Record lectures (audio)
Buy food/products/services via an app (like some coffee shops, stores and vending machines offer)
Other - please specify:

6. How does owning a smartphone affect the likelihood of you bringing your laptop, tablet, or netbook to campus?

Please explain your reason:

7. Does owning a smartphone change how often you use a computer lab?

Please explain your reason:

8. What campus services do you wish worked better with your phone and why?

Survey Results

There were 343 responses. The percentages listed in for questions 1-3 are for all respondents. All the other percentages are of those students who own a smartphone.

Question 1. Class Standing

  Number Percentage
First year 28 8.2%
Second year 77 22.4%
Third year 95 27.7%
Fourth year 85 24.8%
Fifth or more year 19 5.5%
Masters candidate 14 4.1%
PhD candidate 17 5.0%
Professional School 2 0.6%
No answer 6 1.3%

Question 2. What types of computers do you own?

  Number Percentage
Desktop 65 19.0%
Laptop 336 98.0%
Tablet 134 39.1%
eReader 46 13.4%

Question 3. Do you own a SmartPhone (for example iPhone, Android, Blackberry or other phone that can check email and surf the web)?

  Number Percentage
Yes 306 89.2%
No 32 9.3%
No answer 5 1.5%

Question 4. Do you use a password (passcode/pattern/lockscreen/PIN) to protect your smartphone?

  Number Percentage
Yes 206 60.1%
No 102 29.7%
No answer 35 10.5%

Question 5. How often do you use your Smart Phone to:

Make phone calls

  Number Percentage
Multiple times daily 57 18.6%
Daily 101 33.0%
Few times a week 90 32.4%
Weekly 27 8.8%
Rarely 21 6.9%
Never 4 1.3%

Check email

  Number Percentage
Multiple times daily 200 65.4%
Daily 57 18.6%
Few times a week 26 8.5%
Weekly 5 1.6%
Rarely 20 6.5%
Never 2 0.7%

View class related web pages

  Number Percentage
Multiple times daily 81 26.5%
Daily 64 20.9%
Few times a week 90 29.4%
Weekly 21 6.9%
Rarely 43 14.1%
Never 10 3.3%

View other web pages (non-class related)

  Number Percentage
Multiple times daily 142 46.4%
Daily 79 25.8%
Few times a week 49 16.0%
Weekly 13 4.2%
Rarely 20 6.5%
Never 4 1.3%

Texting or Instant messaging

  Number Percentage
Multiple times daily 240 78.4%
Daily 37 12.1%
Few times a week 16 5.2%
Weekly 5 1.6%
Rarely 6 2.0%
Never 2 0.7%

Read class related PDF, Word or other documents

  Number Percentage
Multiple times daily 47 15.4%
Daily 38 12.4%
Few times a week 100 32.7%
Weekly 37 12.1%
Rarely 66 21.6%
Never 19 6.2%

Connect to Moobilenet (UCDavis wireless network)

  Number Percentage
Multiple times daily 149 48.7%
Daily 77 25.2%
Few times a week 35 11.4%
Weekly 11 3.6%
Rarely 28 9.2%
Never 7 2.3%

Take notes in class

  Number Percentage
Multiple times daily 7 2.3%
Daily 7 2.3%
Few times a week 9 2.9%
Weekly 6 2.0%
Rarely 70 22.9%
Never 208 68.0%

Listen to class related podcasts

  Number Percentage
Multiple times daily 6 2.0%
Daily 3 1.0%
Few times a week 19 6.2%
Weekly 14 4.6%
Rarely 77 25.2%
Never 187 61.1%

Listen to non-class podcasts or other music

  Number Percentage
Multiple times daily 91 29.7%
Daily 66 21.6%
Few times a week 58 19.0%
Weekly 27 8.8%
Rarely 33 10.8%
Never 31 10.1%

Record lectures (audio)

  Number Percentage
Multiple times daily 5 1.6%
Daily 4 1.3%
Few times a week 14 4.6%
Weekly 13 4.2%
Rarely 69 22.5%
Never 201 65.7%

Buy food/products/services via an app

  Number Percentage
Multiple times daily 4 1.3%
Daily 5 1.6%
Few times a week 12 3.9%
Weekly 17 5.6%
Rarely 81 26.5%
Never 187 61.1%

Other reasons given:

  • Bought other tangible products.
  • check social media sites
  • check the DC menu using UC Davis app
  • Connect to eduroam
  • edit documents, skype, google hangout
  • Entertainment
  • Games
  • Games
  • Games
  • Mobile Games
  • None
  • Play games
  • snap photos of lecture slides
  • Snapchat!
  • social media
  • Social Media apps
  • Social networking sites, e.g. Twitter, Facebook
  • Surf reddit while I poop
  • Surf reddit while I poop
  • Ted talks & youtube videos
  • Use it to play games
  • Video calls by Skype

Question 6. How does owning a smartphone affect the likelihood of you bringing your laptop, tablet, or netbook to campus?

  Number Percentage
More likely 17 5.6%
Less likely 82 26.8%
Doesn't change likelihood 200 65.4%

Reasons given:

  • More likely
    • A smartphone screen is too small to be efficient. I usually bring my tablet and a Bluetooth keyboard to take notes for the classes that I can type notes for.
    • Although I have a Samsung Galaxy, a very useful phone, I feel the need to have my laptop to do other things such as type notes out, listen to podcast etc.
    • I can't work without my work since they are all saved on my laptop or customized on my laptop, tablet etc.
    • I don't bring my laptop to school because it is too heavy, I use my phone to check email and smartsite.
    • I laptop is too big and I I don't take notes on my computer so I don't need it
    • I own an old ipod touch 4 which is laggy and crashes often, so i do not rely on this device to view school related webpages or documents, i bring my laptop to campus for that purpose.
    • I still need to take notes on my laptop or tablet
    • If I can do on my phone what I can do in my phone I'd rather not bring my computer
    • If I need to check my email/waste time but I don't have to write a paper
    • Much easier to take notes on a tablet and saves paper.
    • My laptop is heavy so I don't carry it when I don't need it, especially since I can access email, etc on my smartphone.
    • Owning a smartphone affects the likelihood of me not bringing my other devices like laptop to campus.
    • The convienance of portability and integration between my laptop and smartphone.
  • Less likely
    • a laptop tends to be heavy and i would prefer to bring something with me lighter that i can rely on throughout the day or use school computers.
    • because anything pressing, that only requires internet access I can do using my phone instead of my laptop
    • Because I wont need my computer. I can use my droid for most things and a computer lab for anything else.
    • Convenience
    • even though, I use my smartphone more often than my laptop, I still bring my laptop to the campus, because laptop is much more efficient than smartphone to work in the internet.
    • Everything I need on my laptop I can do on my phone, besides playing video games and some major projects.
    • For taking notes, someitimes I bring my laptop . For other reasons such as studying where I used to brings my laptop, I now just use my phone to access google docs/ saved PDF . This allows ease to study on the go.
    • Having a smart phone allows me to do computer tasks easily and on the go. Bringing a full laptop to campus is an inconvenience as it is heavy and not easily portable. It's even harder considering most people bike to campus.
    • I always like to have a way to get onto the internet if I need to, and having a smartphone allows me to do that. As an English and History double major, I am often forbidden from bringing a computer into my classes, so having a smartphone on campus makes the decision to leave my laptop at home most days much easier.
    • I can check email and online stuff with my phone.
    • I can check email and smartsite using my phone
    • I can do everything I need to do on Samsung Galaxy Note3. No need for larger laptop or tablet. Phone is lightweight and stores easily in my pocket.
    • I can do everything on my smartphone that I can on my tablet, so I don't need to bring my tablet to campus.
    • I can do what I need to do using just my smartphone so I can leave my more expensive laptop at home where it is safer. It is also lighter to bring just my phone.
    • I can get internet on phone
    • I can look up stuff on my phone, dont need no laptop
    • I can use my smartphone for most things I use my laptop for, plus my laptop is heavy and therefore cumbersome to carry around campus.
    • I have most of the same resources on my phone.
    • I have no need to bring my laptop to campus, despite living in the dorms, because I take notes on paper for every class, and if I need anything to be searched on the internet I can do it on my phone. I have no need to use programs such as excel or word while I'm on campus as well, and if there is an emergency in which a computer must be used the computer lab is available on campus with printers as well.
    • I only bring my laptop if I have to do something that is not as convenient on my smartphone, such as type up an essay.
    • I rarely bring a laptop since I have my phone for browsing and a notebook to take notes in
    • I still bring laptop to class, but sometimes i don't want to bring my computer because it is heavy, so i use my smartphone at these time.
    • I take all my notes on paper
    • I use my phone to check my email, and my laptop is too heavy to carry. If I need a computer on campus I go to the computer lab. Also smartsite isn't very user friendly with a smartphone.
    • I used to bring my laptop to school more often to check my email and smartsite, but now I only bring it to campus if I need to take notes on it. Taking notes on a phone is super slow.
    • I usually use my laptop to listen to music and get on smartsite, my iPhone does all of that.
    • I would only bring my laptop to campus if I knew I was going to study for long hours after my classes. If not, I rely on my phone to check emails, etc.
    • If I can do the same things on my phone why bring my laptop, it is much heavier and would save me more space to bring a book to campus or other things.
    • If I don't have to carry a laptop, I won't
    • If I don't need to work on anything in particular, such as typing an essay or research, I usually just rely on my phone for general internet access and music.
    • If I have my phone, I don't need my computer to connect to the web.
    • If I just need to check my email or do simple things like that for the day then I won't bring my laptop, but if I need to work on a paper or do research then I bring my laptop. I usually always bring my laptop to take notes in class anyway.
    • If I know I have an important email to receive, i'm less likely to take my entire laptop with me. However, if I need to do other things, I'm more likely to do them on my laptop than on my smartphone.
    • If I know I won't need to read or work much while in UC Davis, the likelihood of bringing my laptop to school is lower due to the use of my smartphone constantly
    • If I only need to read homework assignment numbers or something similar I can do it just as easily on my phone
    • If I think I'll need to only check email or messages, and not do heavy-duty typing, I'll leave the weight of the laptop at home.
    • If I were to bring my computer, it would be for writing an essay which I can't do on my phone. Otherwise, I can use my phone for email, smartsite, or casual internet searches.
    • It is easy for me to view lecture slides through laptop.
    • It's not very capable, the screen is small, and the battery doesn't last long enough to make it a smart choice
    • It's smaller.
    • Laptop boot times are too slow, I deal with smartphone load times instead. Looking to get Linux on a chrome book.
    • Laptop is broken currently. But even if it wasn't, a computer is heavy and my phone is not.
    • Many things (reading and looking up course info, worksheets and notes) can be done on the phone without having to carry a heavy laptop.
    • Most computer usage is internet access
    • My iPhone fits in my pocket & I can do everything besides type papers on it.
    • My laptop is heavy and since I'm out the whole day having just my phone for basic functions is fine since there are computer labs
    • My phone can do a lot of things
    • My smartphone is much lighter and easier to carry around. I wouldn't write an essay on it, but it makes checking online resources for class much more convenient.
    • Personally, a smartphone and a laptop are two separate device. The laptop is better for typing, researching, and doing other school related work. While a smartphone is just a small mobile device useful for quick and instant updates.
    • Reduces my need to bring a laptop/tablet, since I can view all class materials on my phone. Only when I need to type class notes or do online assignments do I bring my laptop on campus.
    • Since I can check my e-mail and surf the web on my phone, I don't need to carry my laptop with me.
    • Smart phone is much easier to carry and if I need the convenience of a computer there are plenty of computer labs all around campus.
    • Smartphone (iphone4) is capable of doing everything! I take lecture notes on paper but still heavily rely on iPhone to fill in what I can't write down in my notes. Real fear occurs when memory space on iPhone runs out & things need to be deleted or iPhone apps slow down.
    • Smartphone is a like a little computer.
    • Some of the things I regularly do like checking my email is more convenient with a smartphone so I don't need my laptop as much.
    • The only uses I have for tech in class is to goof off and my phone does that already
    • They aren't the same. Different functions.
  • Doesn't change liklihood
    • I prefer to handwrite my notes for class.
    • A laptop has a bigger screen and it allows for efficiency in regards to reading, listening to podcasts, or using multiple windows/apps at a time.
    • A smartphone cannot do everything a computer can and many other tasks (such as taking notes) are much more convenient and easy on a computer than doing it on a smartphone
    • A smartphone is good for looking up small things, but I find it easier to work off my laptop or compuer on campus.
    • Anything that I cannot do on a smartphone, I can simply go to one of the computers on campus. Bringing a laptop or anything that connects to the internet is dead weight.
    • bc
    • Because they have their own vital abilities that cannot represent each other.
    • Can't take notes on phone easily
    • Depends if I have a paper due or homework unfinished
    • dont have a smartphone
    • Each of these devices has their own functions, so I bring my laptop and my smartphone at all times.
    • Easier to type on a laptop, and smartphone does not have the programs that my laptop has.
    • Even with a smartphone I still bring my laptop or tablet to class to take notes. I would never think to take notes on my phone because 1) the screen is so small and 2) because it would look like I was texting during lecture which is very rude to the professor. I have had professors that don't allow the usage of cell phones during class for the latter reason.
    • Having a smartphone does not have any relation to bringing a laptop.
    • I almost always have my laptop with me. Owning a smartphone doesn't affect this.
    • I always bring my laptop to campus.
    • I always bring my smartphone with me regardless of other electronics, so it wouldn't affect it. Also, a laptop makes it easier to accomplish many tasks, so I may bring one to campus.
    • I am more productive and efficient with my laptop than with my phone. It is difficult to do anything with such a small screen.
    • I am still more productive with a laptop than only a smartphone.
    • I bring both.
    • I bring my iPad if I need to pull up a document, computer if I need to type something
    • I bring my phone for calls and texts.I bring my macbook to campus to take notes, surf the web, access social media, class assignments, email, etc. Those are distinct but not mutually exclusive functions. My smartphone is very basic. Its just a metro with 4g and unlimited text. Got my i-phone stolen and it was the best thing that happened to me because it was a frivolous if convenient luxury that was costing me too much money than I care to spend. (end rant).
    • I bring my phone to be kept in contact with when necessary. I use my computer for software programs my phone does not have like word processing or taking notes directly on slides.
    • I bring my smart phone everywhere but I don't use it for class mostly.
    • I can do things more easily on my laptop than my smartphone
    • I can't do what I do in my laptop on phone since it requires specific software.
    • I cant take notes on the smartphone, professors dont accept it and its too small. Tablet or regular notebook is still better. Laptop is becoming too large to carry when tablet is available.
    • I can't take notes, nor browse the Internet adequately nor edit documents from my smart phone
    • I do not bring my laptop to campus unless it is for super emergency purposes such as typing last-minute papers; therefore, I would continue to bring it for emergencies even though I have my phone.
    • I do not rely on my smartphone
    • I do not use my smartphone as a substitute for my laptop. If I have a need for a computer, I will bring my laptop or go to the computer labs on campus.
    • I don't bring my laptop anyway unless I absolutely have to, because of its weight. It's more because of the laptop than having my phone.
    • I don't bring my laptop to class bc it's heavy.
    • I don't like to take notes on the tiny iphone screen.
    • I don't take notes on my phone.
    • I don't take notes/record lectures on my smartphone.
    • I don't use my phone to take notes just laptop.
    • I don't use my smartphone for school-related things, so it doesn't make a difference in me bringing my laptop.
    • I feel like the processing capable of my laptop is greater than that of my phone so I would rather us my laptop than my phone when possible
    • I like to carry around my laptop in case I need it.
    • I like to take notes by hand.
    • I need both devices.
    • I need my tablet for note taking
    • I prefer checking class related material and working on homework on my tablet. My phone doesn't change the likelihood of me bringing my tablet to campus.
    • I prefer to take notes on my computer instead of a smartphone. Also as a computer science major, there are a lot of things that my phone can't do that I need to do.
    • i rarely take my laptop to class
    • I rarely use my smartphone for academics; I would only use it for academics if it was an urgent matter.
    • I still bring my laptop 2-3 times per week, but I use my smartphone for things like looking up definitions, etc.
    • I still bring my tablet because it's more convenient than my phone since the screen on the tablet is bigger.
    • I still need my iPad and/or computer to take notes in class and get work done on campus.
    • I still need my laptop for notes, reading documents, etc. The smartphone is merely a proxy when the laptop is not available.
    • I still need my laptop to type, such as for essays.
    • I still use laptop because laptop can do more stuff more efficiently. Mostly use smartphone for facebook. lol.
    • I still use my laptop for notes in class, phones are too small to type on.
    • I take my tablet everywhere all the time.
    • I take notes on my laptop
    • I use a laptop for note-taking and not my smartphone.
    • I use a laptop/tablet to take notes either way
    • I use both
    • I use my iPad to take notes in class
    • I use my laptop and phone for different purposes. I need my laptop for school related stuff while I only use my phone for social and recreational purposes.
    • I use my phone and my laptop for very different things, and I pretty much always bring both to campus.
    • I use my phone to surf reddit while I poop. If I need my laptop for anything besides this I bring it, if not I use my phone.
    • I use my phone to surf reddit while I poop. If I need my laptop for anything besides this I bring it, if not I use my phone.
    • I use my smartphone for entertainment, while I try to restrict laptop use to only school work.
    • I use my tables for everything that is school related.
    • I use tablet more often, has better wifi connection
    • I use the IET Computer Labs on Campus if I ever need a computer, so I never need to bring my laptop to school.
    • I use whatever is available
    • I will always bring my laptop because I do lots of my work on it.
    • I will still bring a laptop to do homework and write reports since it is more convenient and easier to look at a larger screen when doing these things.
    • I would bring my laptop to campus anyway because I use it to take notes during lectures.
    • I would rather use my laptop then my smartphone becuase the laptop is more effective on campus. Easier to take notes on a laptop then a smartphone.
    • I would still bring my laptop to take notes, do work, etc.
    • If i need my laptop I will bring it.
    • If i need my laptop, I bring it. My phone is no substitution.
    • If I need to do something in depth I'll bring my laptop because it is more efficient.
    • If I need to use computer services, I am just as able to use a computer on campus. I would rather use a computer to took at lecture notes, write essays, or do school related activities than my phone.
    • It depends on the reason I would bring my laptop to school. If I'm working on a class assignment by myself or with a group of people, my smart phone would not be able to provide the same function so there would be no change in likelihood. If I am studying a topic that I know I will not need to look a great deal of information up, I would only bring my phone.
    • It does not really change the likelihood of me bringing my laptop, because the things I could use my phone for, I can do more efficiently on my laptop.
    • It does not satisfy the same needs as my laptop
    • It is a hassle to use my phone to do work because it is less user friendly and slow to do so
    • It is much easier to take notes on my laptop, so I would only use my iPhone to take notes as a last resort.
    • It's a hassle to bring my laptop to campus. The benefits I'd get from my laptop are unique to my laptop, ie word processing and ssh terminals. If I didn't have a smartphone I still wouldn't bring my laptop to campus.
    • It's easier to take notes on a laptop.
    • Laptop has all necessary programs that iPhone does not support. Also, working on a laptop is both easier and more productive.
    • Laptop has the ability to run programs required for some classes. Easier to multitask on a laptop as well.
    • Many school related tasks aside from checking email, I feel can't be done adequately on a smartphone. In general, I very rarely use my phone to access powerpoints/slides, listen to podcasts, or take notes. I'll bring my laptop or tablet if I plan on doing any of these on campus.
    • More comfortable doing homework on laptop.
    • More convenient to type on my laptop than on my smartphone.
    • My laptop battery life is terrible, so that is not affected by having a smartphone. I use my tablet to take notes in most of my classes, which is also not affected by having a smartphone.
    • My laptop has all of my books for my classes on it, so my smart phone cannot replace it in terms of going to campus with intentions to study.
    • My netbook does everything important to me.
    • My phone is a primarily for making phone calls or using the apps, so i don't use it in class
    • My phone is for texting and short-term internet needs. Since browsing the internet on my phone drains the battery, I try to use my smartphone for quick internet access to email and etc.
    • My phone is limited to do am certain things. Less efficient
    • My phone isn't big enough to take notes, so I would still bring my laptop.
    • My phone's screen is too small to do computer related things.
    • My Smartphone does not have the capacity or screen size to replace my tablet or laptop
    • My smartphone is good for only certain things but having a keyboard on a laptop to get things done quicker is a necessity for me
    • My smartphone is not as convenient as a computer, so I sometimes use my laptop in class.
    • My tablet/laptop has a bigger screen/interface than my smartphone. And I don't want to kill my smartphone battery for viewing class documents, doing class related things when I can use my laptop or tablet.
    • Need a full QWERTY keyboard for the stuff I use a computer for. You just can't type as fast with two fingers.
    • No
    • not adequate for taking notes/distraction
    • Not as easy to use for note taking or PDF reading
    • Notes are easier to take on a laptop
    • Occasionally will substitute smartphone for laptop but rarely.
    • Rarely bring laptop anyways unless necessary
    • Screen is too small to replace laptop or tablet.
    • Since smartphone is good for quick service such as checking email or accessing web page when laptop does not present.
    • Smartphone cannot be used to type essay
    • smartphone helps checking emails more easily but is not very helpful with homework and research.
    • smartphone is too small to do meaningful work on.
    • smartphone is too small to replace the usage of a laptop/tablet
    • smartphones are completely different compared to computers. Taking notes on it would be difficult because the screen is so small and it doesn't even have a word doc or any applications that be installed to change a smartphone into a tablet we could write on pdfs and various things (I have tried looking for one).
    • Smartphones are convenient but their compact size doesnt make it easier to focus when trying to jot down the notes on the frustratingly small screen. It's more of a pleasureable distraction in class and a useful utility, but not as much as an educational necessity. Same goes for laptop, but its at least larger so its easier to take notes with.
    • Smartphones are still limited in their capabilities and I can't program or design using an iPhone
    • Smartphones don't have enough processing power for heavy workload
    • Some things are easier on the laptop - like doing work.
    • Still need tablet to take notes
    • the screen is too small to do much classroom related tasks but it enables me to listen (re-listen) to class lectures during my long commute times.
    • The screen of the smartphone is too small so I would still bring my tablet to class for taking notes.
    • they are two different things. one in my pocket and one in my backpack
    • They work together.
    • Things like taking notes and registering for classes on SISWEB require a laptop in my opinion, and having a smartphone doesn't change the fact that I need my laptop for those things.
    • Use each for different reasons. Laptop is mostly for homework. Smartphone is mostly to make calls or communicate with others.
    • Use for different reasons mainly
    • Use my phone for texting, laptop for taking notes, email.
    • When I bring my laptop to class it is for a specific reason: taking notes in class. I did this my freshman year before I had a smartphone and I do this the same way now. My iPhone cannot be used to take notes the way I need so it has not affected the reasons/times, I take my laptop with me.

Question 7. Does owning a smartphone change how often you use a computer lab?

  Number Percentage
Yes, I now use computer labs more often 8 2.6%
Yes, I now use computer labs less often 62 20.3%
No, I use computer labs about the same 232 75.8%

Reasons given:

  • Yes, I now use computer labs more often
    • Because I bring laptop to school less, for things I do need a computer for, I have to use the computer lab.
    • If I didn't have a smart phone I would carry my laptop and would therefore use computer labs less often.
    • its easier to just use the one on campus, and its faster to use then my laptop
    • My phone cannot do excel or word and. The screen is tiny
  • Yes, I now use computer labs less often
    • As I said, I don't need a computer when I have my phone.
    • But I still use them, just for larger projects not things such as checking email.
    • Don't have a reason to use computer lab only to print things :)
    • I can access online content from the phone, only need labs to print things.
    • I can check email and smartsite using my phone
    • I can check my email on my phone, now I just computer labs to print things, read documents, or do homework
    • I can look things up on my phone.
    • I can look up quick answers on my phone instead of going to the computer lab.
    • I can use data or wifi on my phone and use the internet on the go.
    • I can use my smartphone to check my email rather than having to go to a computer lab.
    • I can view everything i need on my ipod touch, i would only go to the computer lab to print or to view school related webpages or documents.
    • I do not have to go to a computer lab to access the school's web pages for a quick pre/post class related need.
    • I don't go to the labs unless I need to print something.
    • I don't need a computer when I have the internet at my fingertips.
    • I don't need to check email or smartsite there I can just use my phone
    • I don't need to print the class materials since I have access them online through my phone or tablet.
    • I don't use computer labs, I usually have my laptop
    • I have never been much dependent of the computer labs at UC Davis, but with 24/7 access to my smartphone I have used the computer lab even less than before.
    • I have only once used the computer lab as I have personal lab space.
    • I never seem to need to go to a computer lab since I have the web at my fingertips.
    • I now don't need to venture there.
    • I often only use computer labs to print.
    • I only use computer labs for printing
    • I only use the lab to print
    • I own a smartphone and a laptop so I rarely go to the do computer lab
    • I use my iPhone wherever I am. I don't need to go somewhere to access my online course info and emails.
    • I use my smartphone for most "checking something on the web" services, which I've previously used computer labs for, from wherever I happen to be at the time. It is more convenient.
    • I use smartphone to check up on things I need to
    • I would rather check my e-mail on my phone because it is more secure and private
    • If I can look up something on my phone or do whatever I need to do on my phone, then I will. I rarely go to computer labs.
    • If I need to check emails I can do that on my phone.
    • If I need to quickly check something I'll use my phone instead of the computer lab.
    • Internet on your phone.
    • I've never been to a computer lab.
    • Most computer usage is internet access. I still need to print things out but if I just need to check on something online I use my phone
    • Potentially I can check my grades easier with my smartphone, but I usually would just wait until I get home to do that because knowing right away doesn't change anything. However, I can check my school email more frequently so I don't have to make as many trips to the computer lab for time pertinent info.
    • Since I can access the internet from my phone, I don't need to go to the computer lab to check email, etc. anymore. But I still use the computer lab for printing or if Ii forget my computer at home.
    • Since I can check important things on my phone, I don't need to use campus computers as often.
    • the lab was my only way to check email before on campus if I didn't bring my laptop.
    • With a smartphone, I have the convenience of going online anywhere on campus instead of being restricted to such places like the library.
  • No, I use computer labs about the same
    • Again, a computer is different than a phone. On a computer, I can do my homework and few lots of different webpages.
    • Again, computers make accomplishing many tasks far easier than what can currently be done with a smartphone, so I will go to the computer lab just about the same.
    • Again, my smartphone is not my computer.
    • Barely use the computer labs since everything I need (printing, other services, etc.) can be done elsewhere on campus. However, I have access to a printer at home, and other services at my on-campus job, so my case is unique.
    • bc
    • Because I only use computer labs to print
    • Because I use computer labs especially to print.
    • because I usually go to the computer lab to type up a report or print something out.
    • Better for my eyes
    • Browsing the web is a little slow and unreliable on my smartphone.
    • Comp lab allows me to print
    • computer lab is used to print for me, which my smart phone can't do
    • Computer lab= print station
    • Computer labs are more convenient than looking at a small screen.
    • Computer labs, minus the ones in Kemper, are awesome.
    • Computers are still needed for the Adobe Creative Suite.
    • Different uses
    • Doesn't affect whether or not I use the computer lab. I only use the computer labs to print at occasionally.
    • don't have a smartphone.
    • Easier to use computer
    • How often I use a computer lab depends on when I bring my laptop, not my smartphone.
    • I bring laptop with me, so I only goto computer lab for printing.
    • I cannot connect to printers with my phone
    • I cannot print easily for my phone so using computer lab computers is the best way to print
    • I cant do my work on the smartphone, only read emails, and PDFs/DOCs.
    • I can't do programming in R/SAS on my phone.
    • I can't open files on my phone.
    • I do my writing word documents, reading PDFs and printing at the computer lab, which I can't do on my phone.
    • I do not use my smartphone for hw.
    • I don't ever use the computer lab so N/A is a more appropriate response here. But, like I said above, I see phones and computers as pretty different tools. The phone is for quick email checks or looking something up or communicating with people; the laptop is for writing and research and more lengthy emails.
    • I don't have a printer at home and need it often.
    • I don't use computer labs. They are always too full. If I need to use a computer, I bring my own laptop to school.
    • I don't use my smartphone as a substitute for a computer; it's too slow.
    • I don't use the computer lab unless I have to print.
    • I go to the computer lab to print things.
    • I go to the computer labs to print things.
    • I have access to other free means of printing. I only use the labs in a hurry to print or if my mac isn't with me.
    • I have my own laptop and printer in my room so I have no use to go to a computer lab on campus except maybe for an emergency print. My smartphone has no correlation with my usage of computer labs on campus
    • I have never used the computer labs except to print.
    • I just recently got a smartphone, but it does not affect how much I use the computer lab. I mainly use it for printing, and sometimes research.
    • I mainly use computer labs when I don't have time to print at home.
    • I mostly only use computer labs for printing.
    • I need printers or comp lab is faster
    • I need to print
    • I never used computer labs much before - I only use them to print things.
    • I never used the computer labs
    • I only use a computer lab to print things out. That is about it. Since people tend to hog the computers (and they're usually on Facebook or listening to youtube) we can sit at for hours it needed, I would rather not risk relying on a computer at the computer lab and just bring my own laptop.
    • I only use computer and to print
    • i only use computer labs for printing
    • I only use computer labs for printing and using programs I don't own so my smartphone doesn't affect that.
    • I only use computer labs for specific software, which would be hard to use on my phone.
    • I only use computer labs to print and my smartphone can't do that!
    • I only use computer labs to print.
    • I only use te labs to print, so it doesn't really change my use.
    • I only use the computer lab if I do not want to use my laptop or if I need to print something.
    • I only use the computer lab to print things while I am on campus and do homework
    • I prefer a computer to do work over a smartphone
    • I prefer bigger screens and computers can do more than a smartphone can. I go whenever I have gaps in between by classes and that hasn't changed since I got a smartphone.
    • I prefer to use a computer for school related issues.
    • I prefer to work on a computer as much as possible so I use the computer labs when I can.
    • I prefer typing with a keyboard, and in many other cases using a computer is simply nicer than using a smartphone. Having a smartphone makes me not need to bring a laptop to campus, but I still frequently use computer labs.
    • I primarily use the Labs to print.
    • I rarely go there anyway
    • I rarely use the computer lab
    • I rarely use the computer lab because I have my own laptop.
    • I rely more on my laptop
    • I ssh or set up a remote desktop with my computer instead of going to computer labs.
    • I still goto the computer lab to print
    • I still need to go to the computer lab weather or not I have a smartphone/
    • I still need to print things and it's easier to use a desktop than either laptop or smartphone
    • I still need to print! Which is about the only reason I use labs
    • I still using computer for same amount of time, but sometimes i use smartphone to contact people.
    • I tend to use the computer lab to download PDFs for classes and print pages.
    • I use computer lab mostly for specific software and printing.
    • I use computer labs only for printing, so my smartphone doesn't really have an impact on my computer lab use.
    • I use computer labs to print or get access to softwares available specifically to students.
    • I use computer labs to print papers.
    • I use smartphone where it is not able to use or care laptop. Therefore, when there is possibility to use computer I don't use smartphone. Same thing with computer lab, where there is no needed software on my laptop or when group work, I use computer lab.
    • I use the computer lab for printing, owning a phone or not I would still need to go to the computer lab because i don't have a printer
    • I use the computer lab for when I'm on campus and a computer must be used for some reason, and I have no printer at home, so I regularly use the computer lab any way.
    • I use the computer lab to print lab notes and lecture slides as well as essays.
    • I use the computer lab to print things and that is it. I can't use my phone to print things.
    • i use the computer labs mainly to print, or if I did not bring my laptop to school, to do activities that I cannot accomplish with a smartphone.
    • I use the computer labs to print.
    • I use the computers in the computer labs because their computers are faster, have all the programs already downloaded on them (Adobe, Microsoft word, USB plugs that easily connect bring up your stuff), are connected to EASY & hassle-free printing. I use smartphone to mostly CHECK Smartsite and use if for emergencies when I need internet access fast, but rely on the computer labs heavily for most school work .
    • I use the labs only when I need to
    • I used the science labs that have a lot f programs I need that I can't few on my devices
    • I usually go to the computer lab just to print out stuff, or if I don't have my laptop and have to finish up an assignment I use the lab.
    • In order to print, I still need to find a print lab.
    • In this case, I think owning a laptop would reduce computer lab visit.
    • It can't replace the software I need at the math labs.
    • It is required of me to use it for one class and it is great printing places for when I do assignments on campus
    • It lacks the speed and ability that the computer lab offers.
    • Its easier to do stuff on the computer.
    • I've always had a smartphone so my usage of the computer lab has been consistent.
    • I've always used the labs until i bought a labtop recently
    • Japanese class requires the usage of computer lab.
    • Much more efficient for me to use a laptop for school work rather than working on smartphone.
    • My phone does not have the ability to print documents, so I still use the lab.
    • My phone isn't big enough to type documents.
    • My smartphone cannot do things like print, which is the main reason why I use the computer lab.
    • My smartphone does not have the programs I need (Photoshop, open office, etc)
    • My smartphone does not take the place of my computer, except for email.
    • Never bring my laptop, and I prefer using the computer for looking at notes, assignments, e-mail, general internet browsing, important documentation, and research/other academic information for studying.
    • Never used them much, except when I needed to print.
    • No it doesn't not change this.
    • No, I generally only go to the computer lab to scan something. Also, sometimes the flow and layout of multiple folders, windows, tabs, etc., look better on a laptop/desktop than they do on smartphones; therefore, I would continue to go to computer labs just as often as I do now.
    • Possibly a bit. But its more because I take my laptop everywhere with me that I don't use the computer labs as much
    • Printing/easier to navigate with keyboard and mouse.
    • Same answer as above.
    • Same as above.
    • Same explanation regarding the size of the screen.
    • Same reason as above.
    • See above
    • See reason provided in the other question.
    • Some programs like matlab are only in the computer lab
    • Sometimes I need more computing power and a workstation with a keyboard and mouse in order to efficiently write papers or construct spreadsheets,etc.
    • The lab is a convenient way to do things like LATEX processing and terminals that are really only worth doing for extended periods of time in the lab, assuming I don't have my laptop.
    • The only computers I use a lot are the ones with CAD software, which phones do no support
    • The reason I go to the computer labs is for word processing, checking gradebooks on smartsite and emailing which are all much easier on a desktop computer.
    • There are certain things in a computer lab that you can only do there, like printing.
    • To work on projects I need word, which is not on my phone.
    • used computers since high school. my computer use went up after I got a smartphone. not from having the phone but because of college. I use my phone and computer for different things. internet usage on both devices is generally different.
    • While smart phones are convenient, I like having whole physical computers as their usage is faster and more easily done than on a small screened device. I really do appreciate the existence of computer labs as well for printing purposes. Printing on a smartphone isn't really easy to do (if possible at all).
    • With or without my smartphone I would still use a computer lab the same,
    • You can't print from smartphones.

Question 8. What campus services do you wish worked better with your phone and why?

  • Actually, I feel that changing ucd websites (Smartsite, myucdavis, sisweb, etc) could be made more user friendly, especially for smartphone users.
  • All services work fairly well. No compliants.
  • As of now, i can not think of one just beacasue not everyone owns a smartphone, so it would create exclusion, or not make it convenient for them.
  • Better Unitrans apps would be nice
  • Better WiFi in Olson basement
  • Bus scheduling could be more on point. Smartsite should open up gradebook on a smartphone without going into full view
  • campus wide reception, some places my cell reception just drops and I can't send messages. also, smartsite gradebook never loads on my phone unless I switch to desktop view - it won't work in mobile view
  • Can't think of any really to be honest!
  • charging stations.
  • Computer labs
  • Connected to moobilnex often takes a very long time. The wi fi could be better. Sadly its easier for my smart phone to connect than my computer for some reason so a lot of the time I check fb on my phone while I have my computer open taking notes.
  • Connecting to moobile. It's horrible for the iPhone 5. In some parts of campus it's easy to connect and other parts of campus you can't connect at all.
  • Connecting to moobilenet is sometimes difficult with both my smartphone and laptop. They both have trouble connecting in the same area during different days.
  • easier connection to moobilenet, reception in underground classrooms
  • Email
  • email connection and wifi access is limited
  • Every time I try to check my grades under the mobile version of smartsite it won't let me.
  • Fuck the SJA ban for accidentally leaving a torrent up and walking onto campus.
  • get the Virtual Computer Lab to work with OSX Mavericks
  • Grade book on smart site.
  • Grade book on smartsite doesn't work at all. Smartsite in general doesn't work well on mobile.
  • Gradebook on smartsite because it can annoying switching from mobile version to the regular version.
  • Have a sisweb app, so I don't have to use a browser to get to it.
  • Having a smartsite app would be very helpful. Instead of having to log on online every time I want to check something would be nice. It is annoying to have to log on in a computer or through web browsing on my phone when having an app would make it faster and more efficient
  • Honestly the wireless and mobile improvement David over the past few years has been tremendous. Only complaint is that gradebook often times out on the mobile site, but never on the full website.
  • Hutchinson, or Shields. Can't get the best phone service.
  • I am happy with online services provided from ucdavis, but I have to use a different browser (I use dolphin) to access gradebook on smartsite on my smartphone. Mozilla, chrome, and my default browser do not work. Also I have difficulties getting confirmation emails, (emails needed to activate/setup accounts) to my ucdavis email.
  • I am pretty content. Though I do wish mobilenet and mobilenetx would connect better during certain areas, I don't think its a necessary must.
  • I can't view grades on smartsite from my phone.
  • I definitely wish SmartSite worked better on my phone because it's my second-most visited website on my phone (first being gmail).
  • I definitely wish that sisweb worked better on my phone for addin classes during pass times. Sometimes smartsite on the mobile view has problems loading the gradebook as well.
  • I do not use my phone for campus services. Sometimes I have trouble connecting my tablet to moobilenet.
  • I have a hard time connecting to moobilenet and constantly get disconnected on my phone. I also have trouble navigating on the mobile smartsite and gradebook never loads.
  • I have a lot of difficulty signing into mobilenet. The sign in screen is difficult to find and doesn't pop up for sometime. This happens on my smartphone, tablet, and Macbook.
  • I occasionally have issues signing into MoobilenetX on my tablet (Microsoft Surface 2, Windows RT).
  • I really don't know. Smartphones do have enough capabilities that I don't need more functions
  • I think smartsite had a better mobile version (I find myself switching to the full one all the time) and I wish sisweb had a mobile version as well
  • I wish I could access school sites without having to go through so many portals
  • I wish I could get onto my my.ucdavis account on my iPhone 4s
  • I wish I wouldn't have to connect to moobilenet so many times a day.
  • I wish Moobilnet has stronger signals in parking lots within campus so that I may connect with my phone and/or laptop while sitting in the car or even outside of buildings.
  • I wish smartsite worked better. Whenever I try to check my grades it never loads or works. If the coho had an app to order food, coffee or see the menu for cooks where you could pay ahead as well that would be awesome. For example if you could say exactly what type of sandwich you wanted and you were going to pick it up at 12:05pm and you already paid for it online that would be great.
  • I wish smartsite would work better with our phones because you can't see it in the normal view of the smartphone.
  • I wish Smartsite would work better with smartphones. The Gradebook usually doesn't work on the mobile version.
  • I wish that smartsite worked better on my phone. I've never been able to view my grades on the mobile version of smartsite because it wouldn't load. I'm pretty sure literally all of my friends and the people I've talked to have had the same problem. Also, SISWEB is not mobile-friendly at all. If SISWEB were optimized for mobile devices, it would make it a lot more convenient for students to register for classes on the go. It would also make it easier for students to register for classes if their registration time falls in the middle of a class/discussion/lab.
  • I wish the contacts, numbers and information was immediately accessible to a web surfer using any of the UC Davis websites. Like, "click here to connect with someone live for your issue" and then lead you to a directory. People who do not have the cultural capitol to understand admissions or financial aid have a hard time navigating University resources because they do not think they are entitled, or exist. Educate. Make things more accessible.
  • I wish the WiFi was more stable for all mobile devices
  • I wish the wireless will work better because sometimes it is hard to connect.
  • I wish there was a more compatible smartsite app for my phone.
  • I wish there was a simplified access to school activities like clubs and games, as well as restaurant deals and other things going on in campus and the town of davis in general (ex: farmers market). If it was on a calendar and color coded that would be awesome instead of the many emails we get each day for different things. If we could check off things we'd like to see in that calendar (games, bar deals, concerts, community events...) in a way that wouldn't be overwhelming- that would be incredible! I also dream of the day I could sync Davis related calendar events into my phone quickly and easiy! Thanks & good luck!
  • I wish there was an app for the unitrans. Or if there is one I'm not familiar with it, and if there is one it's most likely iPhone. #AndroidAllTheWay!
  • I wish they all worked better. None of them really work very well. At least the ones I've used. Those are SmartSite, Campus Maps... I think that's all. The Unitrans site does work pretty well, but it's really buggy like everything else.
  • I wish we didn't have to constantly sign into moobilenet. There should be a way for the phone to connect automatically once it's on campus, similar to the way Berkeley has their system.
  • I wished that mobile websites worked better with my phone. Some mobile sites, like SmartSite, doesn't fully work on smartphone browsers (e.g. Gradebook, which never loads properly unless in full desktop mode). Also, there should be more mobile-friendly versions of UCD websites.
  • I would like to be able to search for a building and view my class schedule offline. If there were an app for Smartsite and/or sisweb, that would be amazing!!
  • I would like to not have to sign in to the campus wifi so often. Also printing from my laptop to a nearby printer would be awesome. And getting internet connection in the basements of both libraries would also be great.
  • I would say Smartsite since I visit Smartsite daily .
  • I'd like it if mooblenet would stay connected to the phone the first time you log in. The way it is now, you have to log in every single time you use it.
  • I'd like to be able to quickly check the LMS both as a student and as an instructor (especially to see if students have posted questions or instructors have posted announcements).
  • I'd love to print from my smart phone to an on campus printer. That would be absolutely amazing.
  • I'm actually pretty satisfied with campus services on my phone. There could be problems but I only ever check email and smartsite on my phone
  • I'm new to the iPhone so I havn't had to many problems with campus services on my smartphone yet.
  • I'm satisfied with campus services concerning my phone, but if the internet speed could be made faster that is always a good thing that positively effects everyone.
  • It would be convenient to be able to print from my phone. Also, if smartsite was more mobile friendly.
  • It would be nice if the mobile net log-in would appear right when trying to access the internet instead of having to click a link.
  • It would be nice if the UC Davis app had a windows phone version.
  • It would be nice if we could print wirelessly from our phone, tablets, and computers. Don't know if that's possible but it would be extremely helpful!
  • It's a bit difficult to connect my iPhone to moobilenet
  • Lecture notes. More won't hurt.
  • Maps.
  • Maybe updated bus schedules or a more convenient or fast way to check sisweb or smartsite.
  • mobile app for ARC info (times, classes, etc). maybe they already have it. is there a campus map app? UC davis police reports via text message.
  • Mobile version slow and does not display grades always for smartsite.
  • Moobilenet - doesn't connect to my phone (but is more likely a problem with the phone and not the network).
  • Moobilenet can be a bit "finicky" on a smartphone, connecting and disconnecting frequently. Additionally, the mobile version of SmartSite never seems to load fully on my phone, I always have to hit "Switch to Full View."
  • Moobilenet could connect faster. It takes a while before the UC Davis login screen comes up on my phone
  • Moobilenet tends to cut in and out at the extremities of campus, which makes smartphones a little less reliable on the campus network
  • moobilenetx keeps dropping signal strength randomly on my phone (Android, SGH-I727, CM 10.2.0) and refuses to connect, seemingly randomly.
  • I don't have to constantly sign in. Works fine on my laptop though so it may be that my phone is the problem.
  • Moobilnet! It takes forever to connect and majority of the time it has trouble connecting.
  • More android services for buses, DC menus, campus events and etc
  • More UCD pages should be mobile friendly
  • myucdavis' email service
  • MyUCDAVIS/Smartsite are hard to log into on a phone.
  • n/a
  • n/a
  • N/A
  • N/A
  • n/a
  • N/A
  • none I dislike having to use such a small screen as my main interface I will probably always use a laptop or a tablet over my smart phone for many applications
  • None really, I have a low rent smartphone that serves me well.
  • None. Smartsite could be a little better.
  • Not needed
  • not sure
  • Not sure.
  • Not sure.
  • Not sure.
  • nothing
  • Nothing in particular. I don't use my phone unless it's for texting or calling.
  • Nothing that I know of, so far.
  • Online service is pretty weak on my phone
  • Opening PDFs
  • Option to print from my phone. What I mean by that is to have a .pdf or .doc file and be able to send it to a printer through wifi or some type of network.
  • possibly the GradeBook through SmartSite, thank you!
  • Printing
  • Printing from iPhone, and better smart site designed for phones . Sisweb to register for classes
  • Printing in labs would be convenient. Also, if the networks could be accessed easily through smartphones.
  • Printing, I wish I could print from my Google drive app, wirelessly to the printing room I'm nearest to.
  • Printing, so that I can just connect wirelessly and print from my phone instead of having to cart around a flash drive.
  • push notifications for assignments/gradeposts?
  • sisweb services
  • sisweb, smartsite....
  • Sisweb, so I could look up classes when there are instances I can't use my phone
  • Sisweb. does not work on my phone or even load. I don't know why it doesn't work
  • Smart site. The grade book never loads on my phone
  • Smartsite
  • Smartsite - it's the only site where I encounter problems, especially when I'm trying to check my grades on mobile desktop. Smartsite requires me to go onto a full desktop mode in order to view them.
  • Smartsite and sisweb. So I can check school related things more easily
  • Smartsite appears very strange on my phone, and the gradebook doesn't load at all. It would be nice if I could check my grades from my phone.
  • Smartsite because it the most frequently used class-related website I visit
  • smartsite can always be improved a bit but it's pretty nice and functional. the ability to print something wireless by my phone would be nice. that would require accessible printers at various locations without computers. i can already imagine a practical joke. the art department should make some fun phone apps which students could mess around with. I wish I could use my phone to jog at the arc for me. There should be an app that alerts you when TAPS is near your car. There should be class forum apps. I think the dining commons could make a cool app that lets you check the menu immediately. with pictures of something that was made on the day that it's being served. davis wiki could work better on my phone. the campus bookstore app should work better I always use the website because I've had trouble with the app
  • Smartsite could use an app. otherwise it works fine
  • Smartsite does not work well on my phone
  • Smartsite doesn't load correctly sometimes on my phone so I wish it was more compatible and user-friendly.
  • Smartsite doesn't load gradebook, etc. very efficiently. It often takes multiple tries to load the page. It also takes multiple attempts to load onto moobilenet.
  • SmartSite forums and gradebook don't work well with iPhone. It would be convenient to be able to better access these things on the go.
  • Smartsite grade book, registering for classes.
  • Smartsite gradebook doesn't load on android chrome
  • Smartsite gradebook doesn't work on the mobile version. I wish there was an android app for Unitrans like the one for Apple, but I also hear that the Apple version is always wrong.
  • Smartsite gradebook doesn't work on the mobile version. To check my grades. The other UCD websites could use better mobile sites or dedicated apps.
  • Smartsite gradebook for iPhones doesn't work
  • Smartsite is BAD and should get a redesign that is compatible with phones. Especially grade book.
  • SmartSite is not very mobile-friendly and I would like that to change.
  • Smartsite isn't that smart!
  • SmartSite should be faster; the SISWeb could fit better on the mobile screen;
  • Smartsite This survey Bus schedule
  • Smartsite won't let me download some files onto my phone
  • Smartsite!! The gradebook section is whack. Also, all bus route apps are not very navigable.
  • Smartsite!!! The map!!! Because they don't work as it is.
  • SmartSite, especially the GradeBook in the UC Davis app
  • smartsite, it is not mobile friendly
  • Smartsite, the mobile version of the site is slower and not as easy to work with as the regular version
  • Smartsite.
  • Smartsite. Sometime it won't load things or open certain documents.
  • smartsite. the gradebook doesnt work so well
  • Smartsite. The mobile site that usually loads on my phone cannot process gradebook, which is frustrating.
  • Smartsite. The mobile version doesn't work too well so I always switch to full version. Also the campus map on the ucdavis app.
  • Smartsite/sisweb! Smartsite mobile is practically useless I always switch to the full version on my phone and sisweb is tough to use on a phone also.
  • Smartsite: gradebook doesn't work on the mobile version, unless switched to desktop version.
  • Smartsite; because it wont work for most things on the mobile site. Mooblenetx; because the coverage is patchy and slow.
  • SmartSite; It is very inconvenient that the Gradebook portion of SmartSite is incompatible with mobile. If this problem were fixed I would be abe to check my grades much more often from anywhere, and not only when I have my laptop on me.
  • smartsite-gradebook, chatroom, campus maps, unitrans tracking
  • Smartsite's Gradebook
  • some of the campus websites are not especially smart phone friendly. One in particular that could use help is the campus map.
  • Sometimes it has trouble connecting the wifi on campus.
  • Sometimes it's hard to connect to the WIFI (bad in certain areas)
  • Sometimes mobilenet disconnects, so I wished network was a little better. I often use it in classrooms for emails and smartsites.
  • Sometimes moobilenet is a little fussy when I try to connect, I don't have a lot of data so the wifi is helpful
  • Speaking of my iPad (my main mobile device), I wish moobilenet login actually worked. The "You are now connected" site won't go away so it's usually difficult to connect to moobilenet on the first try. (Just try it on an iOS device). Also, moobilenet/moobilenetx is notoriously bad in Music and Olson (and has been since I got here). Can it be fixed?
  • text messages about some important events or upcoming events.
  • The ability to type documents and submit assignment on the phone. I honestly just like working off a computer later.
  • The access to scholarly databases through library; because I'd like to read such material more readily, and the easier availability makes much more sense than to have to go through different mazes to simply read a scholarly article.
  • The biggest issue I have had with smartphones and campus services is being able to check grades on smartsite. I have an iphone and this never allows me to check grades on smartsite. Other phones seem to be able to do this but apple products, including ipads cannot.
  • The campus wifi. I wish it worked in more places on campus. The way it is now it works in really limited areas. For example, I am near the surge buildings several times a week and there is no wifi there. It really only works in the areas around the quad like the library and MU.
  • The grade book on smartsite
  • The gradebook on smartphones work great now. No complaints so far.
  • The gradebook on smartsite and the my uc davis page
  • The gradebook on Smartsite doesn't load in mobile view and doesn't load at all on any browser except for Google chrome
  • The Gradebook on Smartsite! Sometimes it doesn't load or takes forever. It would be nice to be able to check my grade on my phone when I don't have access to a computer.
  • the internet service does not work in some buildings, or i get kicked off and need to reconnect every time i turn on my device, or it is slow.
  • The login for capus wifi is awful-I have to log in several times, sometimes just minutes after my last login, and our takes forever to load -__-
  • The Map, too hard to read.
  • The mobile version of smartsite often fails to work on phones, specially the grade book. I'd prefer to able to use the mobile version since it is optimized for small screens.
  • the moobilenet is really spotty and the Iec printing never works via laptop.
  • The smartsite grade book does not work on iPhones.. It would be nice to know my grades more quickly.
  • The SmartSite gradebook doesn't always load on my phone, which can be annoying.
  • The UCDavis wireless system can be better improved, since I sometime encounter problems that the Internet is disconnected suddenly.
  • The Unitarians apps should update automatically!!'
  • The unitrans app can be very inaccurate and I use that all the time when coming to and from school to check bus times.
  • The wifi in general...and maybe even printing
  • The wifi is intermittent or nonexistent in some buildings (Wellman basement, for example), so I would like to have access to wifi there. It also takes a long time to log on sometimes (Chem, for example), and some Wellman locations, and so I don't bother trying to log on unless I have more than a few minutes to deal with the lengthy log-on process.
  • Unitrain app.
  • Unitrans, because sometimes it is not up to date. The timing is off consistently and I cannot rely on it as much as I want to.
  • WiFI
  • WiFi is not that fast at some places on campus.
  • Wifi needs to be stronger in all areas of campus
  • WiFi on campus. The connection is always difficult.
  • Wifi throughout campus because sometimes it doesn't connect to the internet.
  • wifi. i don't want to reconnect to moobilnet every 3min.
  • Windows phone compatibility
  • Wireless printing because sometimes I have a file I want to print from my phone, study room reservation more convenience and easier to access
  • wirless printing
  • Wish phone could send docs to campus lab printers.

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