Computer Lab Management Student Job Descriptions

Computer Room Consultant

Do you enjoy helping people? Do you believe computers and technology make life better? As a CRC, you welcome students and faculty to our computer rooms and help them work more effectively with technology. Your friendly smile, enthusiasm, and ability to simplify "computer-speak" helps make their day and enables them to succeed at UC Davis.

Administrative Support

Are you meticulous and organized? Do you pay attention to details—follow every step of the instructions? In Admin Support, you are the glue that holds us together. From greeting our visitors to supplying our rooms, your professionalism and diligence ensures we run a smooth operation.

Computer Room Operational Support

Are you tech-support for your friends and family? Does curiosity compel you to uncover the root of a problem? As Computer Room Operational Support, you help Computer Room Consultants solve pesky software and hardware issues in real time, as they are happening, when guest satisfaction is on the line. Your ability to patiently and clearly step through solutions over the phone showcases your talent and enjoyment in helping others.