Computer Room Consultant Senior (SAIV $12.00/hr)


All duties expected of Computer Room Consultant Junior and the following:

  • Interact and maintain strong relationships with faculty and instructors
  • Suggest, develop, and implement positive changes in CLM facilities.
  • Cover and Perform CRC Supervisor's duties when necessary.
  • Provide training to CLM employees
  • Compose documentation on lab procedures


All requirements listed for Computer Room Consultant Junior and the following:

  • Must have experience working in a general access lab, computer classroom, and the media production lab
  • Must be highly motivated and show initiative
  • Must have experience training other CRCs
  • Must have demonstrated knowledge of macOS and Windows
  • Must have taught or assisted in an CLM Training class
  • Must have completed high level projects in a timely manner
  • Must have thorough knowledge of other IET services