Administrative Support Senior (SAIV $12.00/hr)


All duties expected of Administrative Support Junior and the following:

  • Direct visitors and phone calls to other Information and Educational Technology Units
  • Coordinate new employee training under the guidance of the Lab Manager
  • Serve as backup on two specialized administrative duties
  • Assist other Admin Support staff as necessary
  • Research, suggest and develop positive changes in procedures
  • Take leadership role in the organization of special events planning
  • Back up Lab Manager when necessary
  • Work at least two shifts in the following:
    • Open Access Computer Room
    • Computer Classroom
    • At least one Media Facility
  • Edit and create new documentation on your assigned duties as necessary as assigned by the Lab Manager
  • Manage ongoing special projects independently and consistently meet deadlines


All requirements listed for Administrative Support Junior and the following:

  • Demonstrated advanced knowledge of Computer Lab Management policy and procedures as well as Lab Managers’ areas of responsibility
  • Must have thorough knowledge of other IET services
  • Have performed satisfactorily at the Junior level for a minimum of two quarters
  • Must have completed high level projects correctly and in a timely manner with little or no supervision
  • Skill in performing under the stress of frequent interruptions and/or distractions
  • Ability to lead a team with tact and diplomacy
  • Must have complete familiarity with all daily Admin operations and at least a basic knowledge of all specialized administrative duties