Computer Lab Management Publications

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Computer Lab Management Quarterly Report (Summer 2021)

Student Survey (Winter 2020)

Faculty Survey (Fall 2019)

Student Laptop Survey (Spring 2014)

Student Smartphone Survey (Spring 2014)

Past publications

(These past reports are included for historical reasons.  However, they are not updated, checked for bad links, etc.  Please see the current report above for more current information.)

Previous Computer Lab Management Quarterly Reports

Previous Faculty and Student Surveys

Computer Classroom Needs Assessment [PDF] (8/13/02)

The Station's (177 MU) Academic Year Report (9/22/2000)

Printing in the Computer Rooms (11/2/1999)

Report on Student Computer Access (11/12/1997)

Campus Computer Access (6/17/1997)

Composition Program's Concerns Regarding Computer Classrooms (2/19/1997)

Conference Presentations