CLM Mission and Goals


We provide fully operational, customer service oriented computing and multimedia environments that facilitate the campus community's access to instructional tools and academic resources. Utilizing well-managed resources, we deliver appropriate, technically viable solutions through cooperative campus efforts.


Goal 1: Improve the quality of Computer Lab Management's computing and media facilities
  • Improve and maintain existing facilities
  • Develop new facilities
  • Provide safe and secure facilities
Goal 2: Provide appropriate, technically viable services to meet our clients’ needs
  • Ensure stable computing environment using appropriate technology
  • Match computer room technology to clients' needs
  • Improve existing services and access to them
  • Implement new services
  • Research and pilot new services
Goal 3: Provide excellent customer service to our clients
  • Identify our clients' needs
  • Promote understanding of CLM Services
  • Ensure instructors have tools and training to teach effectively in our computer classrooms
  • Improve clients' computing experience
  • Help clients locate needed computing services quickly and efficiently
Goal 4: Provide an infrastructure and environment which enables capable, proactive, and customer-focused student employees.
  • Review and standardize student employee recruitment process
  • Develop consistent, more accessible training opportunities
  • Improve CLM Student Employees evaluation process
  • Improve CLM Student Employee promotion process
  • Improve CLM student employee morale
Goal 5: Develop and integrate professional practices and tools to increase efficiency and effectiveness
  • Develop and implement CLM staffing plan
  • Centralize operations/services within ATS as appropriate
  • Utilize project management techniques
  • Standardize and document business practices and procedures
  • Develop and improve tools
  • Manage current resources and lobby for additional, appropriate resources to meet campus needs