Managing PC Class Folders

PC class folders allow faculty to distribute files to their students in a PC computer classroom.  The class folders can also be configured to facilitate students dropping off assignments. 

The class folders are located at on the server at G:\.  You can access your class folder by double-clicking on My Computer and then choosing class.dir on ... (G:). 

If you are connecting from another location (another computer room or the IET Virtual Lab) you can access your class folder via Start Menu -> Windows Accessories -> Building_Name Class Folders.  If you connect to the class folder this way it will connect at H: and open automatically. In this case the G: would be replaced by H: in the example screens shown below.

Image of class directory on PC

There is a separate folder for each class. Just open the folder for your class.

Image of class folders

For many classes this is the extent of the default setup for a PC class folder.  The instructor and TAs if requested can copy files to their class folder for their students to access.  However, there is not an easy way for students to drop off work. So for some classes additional folders are created.

Admin and Share Folders

The Admin folder is intended as a place for you to store documents where your students have no access. The Share folder is a place where both you and your students have read and write access to all of the contents.

Pickup and Dropoff Folders

Some classes want to have a more complicated setup with Pickup and Dropoff folders.  Your class folder will start out with a Pickup folder and a Dropoff folder; inside the Dropoff should be a properly configured folder called sample1 and a program for creating Dropoff folders called New Dropoff Folder.cmd.

Image of dropoff and pickup folders Image of the New Dropoff folder script

The permissions of folders within the Dropoff folder are different from the folders within the Pickup folder. Students may open Pickup folders, list their contents, and copy files from them to their Desktop. Students can not copy files into a Pickup folder. Pickup folders are intended for instructors to distribute documents to their students.

Dropoff folders are intended for students to turn in documents to their instructor. Students can not list the contents of a Dropoff folder but they can copy files into a Dropoff folder.

To create a new Dropoff folder double click on New Dropoff Folder.cmd"

Image of the New Dropoff Folder in action

Then just enter the name of the new Dropoff folder.  The script will create the new Dropoff folder and close.  You may have to hit F5 to have the window refresh so you can see the new folder.