Managing Mac Class Folders

To allow you to leave exercises or class materials for students to pick up, and to allow your students to drop off essays and exercises for you, the file server's Class Folders section is subdivided for each class, and further broken down to four different folders folders. Here is the main view of your class folder:

Image of a pickup/dropoff folder

Your class folder will start out with an Admin folder, a Pickup folder, a Dropoff folder and a Share folder.

The Admin folder is intended as a place for you to store documents where your students have no access. The Share folder is a place where both you and your students have read and write access to all of the contents.

Inside the Dropoff folder should be a properly configured Sample Dropoff folder and a program for creating Dropoff folders called "New Dropoff Folder". The permissions of folders within the Dropoff folder are different from the folders within the Pickup folder. Students may open Pickup folders, list their contents, and copy files from them to their Desktop. Students can not copy files into a Pickup folder. Pickup folders are intended for instructors to distribute documents to their students.

Dropoff folders are intended for students to turn in documents to their instructor. Students can not list the contents of a Dropoff folder but they can copy files into a Dropoff folder.

Image of a dropoff folder

Instead of manually having to modify the permissions of each new Dropoff folder you create, you can run the New Dropoff Folder program and it will prompt you to name your folder and configure the permissions automatically.

In the example below I have doubled clicked the New Dropoff Folder program and typed in exercise1 for the name of my new Dropoff folder.

Image of creating a new dropoff folder

There are now two Dropoff folders in my Class Folder, sample1 and exercise. An important note is that students can not copy a file directly into the main Dropoff folder. They must copy a file into either the sample1 Dropoff folder or any other Dropoff folder you create throughout the quarter.

Image of a new dropoff folder

When a student attempts to copy a file into a Dropoff folder, such as sample1, they will receive the warning displayed below. This message warns the students they will not be able to open the Dropoff folder to verify the document was successfully copied. This is the intended behavior. It is up to the instructor to verify that each student has copied their documents into the dropoff folder before the end of class. The student should click OK to continue and the file will be copied to the Dropoff folder.

Image of a warning dialog box

Sometimes an instructor may wish to modify the permissions on specific folders inside their class folder. Computer Lab Management has provided scripts that make changing file or folder permissions easy. There is an appropriate script for each type of folder (Admin, Dropoff, Pickup, and Share). To change a file or folder's permissions using these scripts, right-click (or control-click) on the object and navigate to "Services" and then the script name (e.g. "Permissions - Admin").

Navigate to More - Automator - Permissions...

To confirm the permission changes, you can select the file or folder and choose "Get Info" from the File menu (or press the Command ⌘ and "i" keys at the same time). Once the Get Info window is open, click the small triangle to open the "Sharing & Permission" panel. The current name and privileges will be displayed.

Show Sharing & Permissions in Get Info window

Keep in mind that you can only change permissions on your own class folders. If you try to change permissions on files or folders you do not own, you will see the following alert.

Warning - You can only change permissions on files or folders you own.

Custom permission combinations are only possible using UNIX commands from the Terminal application. If you have a special instructional need not accommodated by the provided scripts, please contact