Computer Room Policies

Who is Eligible to use the Facilities?

All currently registered UC Davis students, faculty, and staff are eligible to use the Information and Educational Technology (IET) computer rooms.  A free campus computer account is required to access the computers.  A campus computing account can be set up online at

Acceptable Use Policies

Information and Educational Technology computer rooms are governed by all applicable UC Davis policies. These include:

General Rules

The Computer Rooms maintained by Information and Educational Technology are designed to be a useful environment for completing academic or University related work. Because of the high maintenance costs and budgetary restrictions, money needed to repair abused, damaged, or stolen equipment may not be available resulting in a loss of resources for user. Each person has a responsibility to use equipment for appropriate uses and in a proper manner.

By using the Information and Educational Technology computer rooms and the UC Davis computer accounts, each person agrees to abide by the following conditions:

  • Scheduled classes have priority over all other uses.
  • Academic use has priority over non-academic uses.
  • Disruption of a class in session is prohibited. Interruption of classes may be reported to Student Judicial Affairs.
  • The intended specialized use has priority on specialized stations (e.g. ADA, scanning, video editing, audio editing).
  • The computer rooms are smoke and tobacco free in accordance to University Policy PPM 290-10.
  • Food and drink must be kept in designated areas (backpacks or "drink safe zones").
  • No animals, except service animals, are allowed in the computer rooms.
  • Limit of one computer per person.
  • Computer games are not allowed.
  • If you leave your computer unattended for more than a few minutes you will be logged out to protect your account and make the computer available for other clients. Computer Lab Management will not be responsible for any unsaved documents.
  • No disruptive behavior allowed.
  • No noise disruptions allowed. This includes, but is not limited to, loud group conversations, computer audio, music, cell phone conversations, shouting, etc. Please wear headphones when appropriate.
  • No displaying of obscene or lewd images or text.
  • Abusive language directed toward any staff or client using the computer rooms in prohibited.
  • Physical contact with or sexual harassment of any staff or patron using the computer rooms is prohibited.
  • Appropriate dress is required.
  • Leave all hardware and furniture in its original place.
  • Abide by the account setup and printing policy.
  • Logout before you leave.
  • Do not let another person use your UC Davis computer account.
  • No soliciting is allowed.
  • The use of University computer resources for private business or commercial activities (except where such activities are otherwise permitted or authorized under applicable University policies), fundraising or advertising on behalf of non-University organizations, or the reselling of University computer resources to non-University individuals or organizations, and the unauthorized use of the University's name, are prohibited.
  • Modification of hardware and software configurations in the labs is prohibited. This includes modification of the settings and configuration of printers and modification of system software.
  • Software license agreements and copyright laws are strictly enforced in the Information and Educational Technology computer rooms. Copying licensed software from the lab workstation hard disks or file servers is a violation of federal copyright laws and of University policy.
  • External devices such as hard drives and scanners can only be connected to workstations by Computer Lab Management or with the permission of Computer Lab Management.
  • Bicycles, skateboards, scooters or other wheeled devices may not be charged, parked, or ridden in the computer rooms according to Transportation Services.

Parents who bring their children into the facility must take the responsibility for the supervision and control of their child. Any child who is disruptive to other clients or causes damage to any of the equipment will be asked to leave (along with their parent).

Study groups may utilize computers at facilities as long the conversation and noise level does not disrupt the work environment of other users.

All Computer Room Consultants have the authority to require individuals to leave computer rooms and/or report persons for violating any of the above policies. Campus Police will be called in the event of refusal to comply. Disciplinary measures include loss of computer privileges (including disabling one's computer account). A person will be given the opportunity to discuss any referral with a member of Information and Educational Technology staff. A student may also be refereed to Student Judicial Affairs for further disciplinary action. Reinstatement of one's account will be determined by the Student Judicial Affairs and Information and Educational Technology.

Printing Information

Printing information is located at the Printing in the Computer Rooms page.

Getting Help and Reporting Problems

All of Information and Educational Technology computer rooms are staffed by student Computer Room Consultants who are there to assist you. They will help you set up an account, answer supported software questions, and troubleshoot problems.

The Computer Room Consultants will answer general questions related to the hardware and software in the computer room. Due to their many duties they are limited to only 5 minutes to answer a question.  Since Computer Room Consultants are limited to general questions, they will not do homework or assignments for clients.

Please report any hardware and software problems to the Computer Room Consultants. If you have any suggestions or feedback about the computer rooms, please use the Computer Lab Management Computer Room Feedback form online, or send email to

File Storage Information

The computer rooms do not sell or loan out USB flash drives, CDs, or other file storage options. You can purchase file storage items at the UCD Bookstore. Hard disk storage is not permanent. Be sure to save your files often.

Computer Lab Management currently recommends using USB Flash drives to store your files. USB Flash Drives are available from the UCD Bookstore and come in various storage sizes (4GB, 8GB, etc.).

CLM computers will also support CD-RW disks and DVD-RW disks.

An alternative to removable media is Google Drive, included in DavisMail, which allows up to 5GB of online storage. Google Drive can be accessed from any computer with Internet access.

You may use the hard disk to copy software as long as it is 1) legally licensed and does not violate Computer Use Policy, and 2) does not alter the computer configuration. We do not offer support for software you bring into the facilities.

All computers restore to a default configuration automatically each morning. Extra files left on the computer hard drive are erased every day or when ever the machine is restored manually. In order to prevent losing your files, please backup your files to removable storage.


  • Information and Educational Technology is not responsible for any lost, misplaced or stolen items.
  • Information and Educational Technology is not responsible for any lost or damaged disks, files, or data.
  • Computers may crash so be sure to save your data often.
  • Computer Room Consultants bear no responsibility for lost or damaged information if they attempt to remove a virus from your files or fix a damaged floppy disk.