Blocking web sites in AB Tutor


Blocking web sites will disable students' access to all websites (SmartSite, Gmail, Wikipedia, Google Drive, etc.). It is sometimes useful if you are giving a test that only requires local access (for example using Word).

To block access to the web

  • Select the station you would like to lock.
    Note: To select multiple stations:

    • All stations on Mac: Hit CMD-A
    • All stations on PC: CTRL-A
    • Several stations on Mac: CMD-click each station
    • Several stations on PC: CTRL-click each station
  • Click the "Block Web Sites" button in the toolbar.

Block Web Sites highlighted in tool bar

To allow access to web sites again

  • Select the stations you would like to unlock from the computer list.
    Note: you can select multiple stations as described above.
  • Click the "Allow Web Sites" button in the toolbar.

Allow Web Sites highlighted on toolbar