Software Installation Policy

Computer Lab Management will install new software or upgrade current software in IET computer classrooms at the discretion of the Computer Lab Management staff. Such installations include but are not limited to commercial, locally developed, instructor provided, and freeware software.

Software can be installed as soon as compatibility with IET computers has been determined. Installations will be limited to software that supports the campus' academic mission.

Computer Lab Management reserves the right to refuse software that will severely affect other installed software or operating systems. All software that is in violation of any other University policy shall also be refused. Additionally, Computer Lab Management reserves the right to remove software in instructor or class folders. Information & Educational Technology and its divisions will not be responsible to match IET computing classroom software to departmental software. Neither will Computer Lab Management be responsible for training faculty, staff, and students in the use of any installed software.

Instructor Supplied Software

Computer Lab Management staff will install instructor provided software either on the servers or the hard drives. Software should be provided at least two weeks in advance. Instructors are responsible for providing software that can be used on existing hardware and operating systems. Computer Lab Management will not provide additional hardware or change its operating system to solely accommodate such software. Computer Lab Management staff will work with instructors to make minor adjustments in regards to the software's installation. The instructor will be responsible for checking for software problems once installed. Computer Lab Management requires that instructors provide proof of appropriate licensing and copyright agreements for use of commercial software in IET computer classrooms.

Commercial Software

Commercial software will be installed based on the recognized need of the general campus community as determined through requests to Computer Lab Management and/or Information and Educational Technology. Computer Lab Management staff will make the decision of what is to be installed and if it is to be installed in all or selected IET computer classrooms. Licensing of such software will be provided by Computer Lab Management, the parties requesting installation, or both. Computer Lab Management decides who purchases the license(s) for commercial software. The software will be installed only after the above decisions have been made and the software has been made compatible with IET computer classrooms.

Upgrading of currently installed software will be determined by Computer Lab Management. Such upgrades will be determined for compatibility with IET computer classrooms before installation. Software licensed by another department will not be upgraded until that department has provided proof that they have paid for upgraded licenses and have purchased the upgraded software.

Major Upgrades

In the case where such upgrades are related to the operating system or major software installed campus wide, Computer Lab Management will attempt to employ such updates during the summer. For our purposes, major software is defined as the top 10 software most used in IET computer classrooms.  In addition, Computer Lab Management will attempt to notify all faculty who use the computer classes of the upgrade at least one-half quarter in advance.

However, if the software is not available until mid-school year, a target room can receive the upgrade to allow for software reliability and compatibility tests. Computer Lab Management staff will install the software in all IET computer classrooms the following quarter after it has been determined to be functional.

Other software will be updated at the convenience of Computer Lab Management staff.

Software Removal

Computer Lab Management staff will determine when software is to be removed from IET computer classrooms. Software installed for a specific instructor will be removed once the class has ended or at the end of the quarter. Computer Lab Management staff will also remove software that is unused, redundant , upgraded or software conflicting with hardware upgrades. Removal of major software will be posted one quarter before its removal to allow computer classroom users to make adjustments.