Computer Rooms Reservation Policies

Reserving a Computer Classroom

Computer Lab Management reserves the computer classrooms in conjunction with the Office of the Registrar. Computer classrooms are provided for free for academic class use.  However, university departments and affiliated departments can reserve computer classrooms for a fee.  See the "Scheduling Non-academic Classes" section below.

To send Computer Lab Management a reservation request for a class in a computer classroom send email to, fill out the Computer Classroom Reservation Request Form, or call (530) 752-8549.

Scheduling Academic Classes

In addition to making reservations with Computer Lab Management for a computer classroom, you must also contact the Office of the Registrar to ensure that your class is entered in Banner. The class should be entered in Banner as long as the following conditions are met:

  • it is an academic class
  • it "earns units" for the student
  • it is not optional (i.e. not study sessions, office hours, etc.)

Scheduling Non-academic Classes

The computer classrooms are funded to support academic classes. Generally only classes with a Banner CRN are considered academic classes.  Other uses will be subject to a recharge and must be scheduled outside normal class times (generally summer, breaks, or weekends). Please contact us to check on possible dates.

Scheduling Timeline

  • Requests for reservations can be submitted up to one year in advance.  However, no reservation requests will actually be scheduled until 3 quarters in advance.  For example, we will accept reservations for Fall 2005 starting in Fall 2004 and will schedule all received requests in early Winter 2005.  This process allows the campus to make the most efficient use of the computer classroom space.
  • Any requests received less than 3 quarters in advance will be scheduled on a first-come first-served basis.
  • Roughly two quarters in advance Computer Lab Management will consult with the Office of the Registrar to ensure all classes are listed in Banner as well.
  • Please reserve computer classrooms at least two weeks prior to the start of the class. This will allow time to install any needed software or work out other issues with the instructor.

Scheduling Notes

  • Some computer classrooms have priority reservation time until four weeks before the start of the quarter. You will be informed if appropriate when attempting to reserve such a room or you can contact us for more information.
  • Computer Lab Management has priority in scheduling during the week before the quarter and during holidays and quarter breaks for hardware and software maintenance and upgrades.

Cancelling a Reservation

Forty-eight hours notice is required for the cancellation of a reservation. Cancellation notices received less than 48 hours prior to the reservation or instructors not showing up for a scheduled reservation will be subject to review and use of the facility could be revoked. You can cancel a reservation at the Computer Classroom Cancellation Request Form or by calling (530) 752-8549.

Computer Classroom Use

  • An instructor or a teaching assistant (TA) must be present during reserved times.
  • The Instructor or TA is encouraged to arrive 15 minutes early to ensure that the classroom is set up properly. The Computer Room Consultant will clear the room and assist the instructor or TA in setting up the room for the class.
  • If the instructor or TA has not arrived 15 minutes after the scheduled start of the class the computer classroom will be opened for public use.
  • If the instructor or TA leaves during the reserved time the computer classroom will be opened for general use after 15 minutes.
  • Class sizes for the computer classroom are limited by the capacity number determined by the University of California, Davis Fire Department. Please note the capacity of the room exceeds the number of computer stations. Classes exceeding the capacity of the classroom must schedule multiple sessions.


All software will be maintained, installed and removed by Computer Lab Management.

  • Software not standard to Computer Lab Management computer facilities will require a proof of a license agreement before installation can take place.
  • Software must be submitted to Computer Lab Management for installation no later than two weeks before scheduled use of the lab. The software will be installed by Computer Lab Management and the person reserving the computer classroom must test non-standard software.
  • All software problems should be reported at least one week before the scheduled class.
  • All non-standard software will be removed the day following the scheduled reservation or the last day of the quarter at Computer Lab Management's convenience unless arrangements are made during the reservation process.

To reserve a computer classroom, or for more information on reserving computer classrooms, please mail: