IET Computer Rooms Printing FAQ

Questions regarding the print policy:

What is the printing policy and what does it mean?

You will accrue charges of 11 cents per sheet for every sheet you print regardless if the printing is single-sided or double-sided. However, IET will waive printing charges for clients who print only a few sheets per quarter since it is not cost effective to bill such small amounts.
The charges will appear on your Student Bill.   If you are not a student an email bill will be sent to you with instructions detailing where and how to pay.

Why are you waiving some of the printing charges?

The campus has decided that it's not efficient to bill clients for small amounts.  Processing each bill costs the campus money so it just doesn't make sense to bill small amounts.  Therefore, if you print 30 or fewer B&W sheets we will waive the charges you accrued.

Where can I find color printing and how is it charged?

Color printing is available in the open acccess rooms:

and in the computer classrooms:

  • 2102 SCC
  • 2103 SCC
Each page costs $1.00 to print.  Double-sided printing is counted as two pages. Color printing is on a separate account from the regular black and white printing.

I printed in color, where is my print job?

The color printer is a separate printer usually located next to the black and white printer. In some computer rooms, the color printer is located near the Computer Room Consultant desk.

Color print jobs are held in the print queue by default to avoid costly accidental print jobs. You may ask the Computer Room Consultant to release the print job for you.

Or if you are comfortable doing so, you may release your color print job yourself. On the Mac, select "My Prints" from the dock. On a PC, select, "Computer Room Print Queue" from the Start menu. Then click on "Switch to Color Print Queue" and click "Release job" next to your color printer job.

When does the quarter cycle start and end?

The quarter used for tracking printing starts on the first official day of the quarter (usually two days before the start of instruction) and ends on the day before the start of the next quarter.
Each summer session is considered a quarter of its own.  Summer sessions officially start on the first day of classes. This means that there are 5 possible "quarters" in one academic year.

Can I save my unused balance in one quarter for use in another quarter?

No, unused quota is not saved from previous quarters.  At the start of each quarter or summer session the sheet count is reset.

Which computing labs count toward this printing policy?

This policy applies to the general campus computer rooms that are open to all students, staff and faculty with a valid UC Davis computing Kerberos account (your UC Davis Login).
The rooms are:

  • 102 Wellman
  • 1, 15, 21, 27, 241 and 247 Olson Hall
  • 2101, 2102 and 2103 Student Community Center (SCC)
  • 90A, 90B and 91 Shields Library
  • 73, 75, 78 and 93 Hutchison Hall
  • 0347 Storer
  • 2211, 2212, 2213, 2214 and 2216 TLC
  • 2020 and 2060 Sciences Laboratory Building (SciLab)
  • Davis Language Center computer rooms (18A and 57 Olson)

Don't my student fees pay for printing and access to the computer labs?

The answer is no. Student fees do not support student computing nor do they support printing. Printing is entirely funded by the printing fees. The printing fees also fund a portion of the open-access computer labs since they are primarily used for printing.

Where do my student fees go?

The UC Davis Office of Resource Management & Planning has information on the details of the student fee allocation. For detailed information, go to

How will I be billed?

If you are an undergraduate or graduate student, the printing charges will be added to your student account.  Generally the bill will be included in your quarterly fee statement.  You can pay your bill at the Cashier's office located in Dutton Hall, or by sending a payment in the mail.
Staff members and faculty member's bills will are processed differently (please see below).

I am a staff member. What does this mean to me?

The same print charge policy applies to you.  But since you do not have a student account IET Computer Lab Management will send you a bill via email after the end of the billing cycle.  You can pay your printing bill by check, departmental recharge ID, or in person.  Details will be included in the email.

I am a faculty member. How does this affect me?

The same applies to you as to a staff member (please see previous question)
However as an instructor, students in your classes may ask you questions regarding reducing file size, notes layout, or length of course notes to help them conserve their print quotas.

Another method to provide course notes may be for you to call Repro Graphics at 752-COPY. Without leaving your office, you can have your course readers and syllabi printed, delivered to the campus Bookstore, and even incorporated directly into the course Website through MyUCDavis. This gives your students the options of either picking up the material at the Bookstore, or reading it online.

Can I print on the back of sheets that have already been printed?

Unfortunately the answer is No. Computer Lab Management has tried this before and our printers jam whenever they have used paper in them. When a sheet is printed the first time, the printers print the sheet at a high temperature that warps the paper and makes it curly. The printers always jam whenever there is a curled sheet of paper.

How do I know how many sheets I have printed so far?

Every time you print in any of the general computer rooms (see list of labs above), a message will appear on your computer screen informing you of the total number of sheets you have already used for that quarter up to the previous day.

You can go to and click on "Check the number of sheets you printed" to see a detailed list of the number of sheets you have used. To ensure the privacy of this information, you will be directed to enter your UC Davis Login ID.

You can also ask the Computer Room Consultant on duty for a detailed user print report.

How can I make the most out of my allotted sheets?

Printing duplexed (double-sided) is an easy way to reduce your printing.  Doing this can help cut your print count by half. The printers are set to print double-sided by default. To change settings, choose the printer named "Single Sided" or ask a CRC to show you how.

Printing multiple pages on one sheet is a great way to reduce paper waste and save on your quota. There are usually signs posted near the printers with instructions on how to do this. Or, you can ask the CRC on duty to walk you through the process.

One thing that can help Computer Lab Management reduce costs is to ensure that your print jobs are making efficient use of ink and colors. Some professors make slides with colorful backgrounds which only print out as solid black. Please notify your professors when this situation occurs and ask them to change to lighter backgrounds to conserve ink.

Other ways to reduce printing:

  • Print only documents that you need
  • Save electronic documents to disk instead of printing
  • Print only one copy
  • Utilize the print preview command and print only final drafts
  • Always remember to logout to prevent users from printing under your LoginID
  • Check with the Computer Room Consultant if you can not find your print job before printing again.

Who can I talk to if I still have questions?

You may send your comments or questions to