Hardware Support Trainee (SAIV $12.00/hr)


All duties expected of Computer Room Consultant Junior and the following:

  • Perform intermediate troubleshooting of hardware and software, and component replacement, installation, and repair
  • Provide intermediate to advanced computer consulting to faculty, students and staff
  • Provide consulting to internal staff on both Mac and PC platforms operating on macOS and Windows 7 respectively
  • Substitute as a Computer Room Consultant when needed
  • Assist Computer Room Consultants in troubleshooting software and hardware in IET-ATS computer classrooms
  • Clean internal printer and computer components when needed
  • Transport IET-ATS property in a safe and efficient manner
  • Track IET-ATS computer classroom equipment and trouble tickets using internal web-based database applications
  • Ensure IET-ATS computer classroom equipment is physically secured
  • Deliver supplies to computer classrooms as needed
  • Perform additional duties as needed for the maintenance and improvement of IET-ATS computer classrooms
  • Clearly report incident details, problems and solutions through appropriate communication methods


All requirements listed for Computer Room Consultant Junior and the following:

  • Must have excellent customer service skills and experience
  • Must have good problem solving skills
  • Must be familiar with IET-ATS computer classrooms
  • Must understand how to change hardware configuration on both Macs and PC systems
  • Must have user level command line skills
  • Must be able to lift computers, large monitors, printers, and boxes of paper (approximately 50 lbs).
  • Must have good organizational skills and habits
  • Must have valid driver's license to drive University vehicles