Center for Accessible Technologies

About the CAT


Hardware and Software

The CAT offers a variety of hardware and software designed to be accessible to individuals with disabilities. The CAT is configured with the following:

  • Six Apple Mac Minis
    • Three running Windows 10
    • Three running Mac OS X 10.12
    • Four Mac Minis are connected to large 30 inch monitors
    • Four stations have height-adjustable desks
  • JAWS
  • Mac OS X Voiceover
  • ClaroRead
  • Dasher
  • Click-N-Type Keyboard
  • Dragon Naturally Speaking (PC #1)
  • Dragon Dictate (Mac #1)
  • Hovercam scanner (Mac #1)
  • ScanSnap document scanner (PC#1)
  • Epson 3170 flatbed scanner (Mac #2)
  • Region free DVD player with 30 inch monitor - allows playing of foreign DVDs (PC #2)
  • Blu-ray DVD player with 30 inch monitor (Mac #2)
  • CCTV document reader

In addition, a variety of chairs and accessible input devices (keyboards, trackballs, etc.) are available for clients to evaluate and use.

The CAT space also supports Shields Reserves, so there are an additional six VHS/DVD players and another region-free DVD player in the back of the room.

Picture of Computer Stations 1 and 2Picture of Computer Stations 3 and 4
Picture of Braille BookshelfPicture of Video Magnifier

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