Adobe CC Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Adobe Creative Cloud now requires a log-in to use all Adobe applications.

Q: Why do I have to sign in to the Creative Cloud applications?

A: Adobe has chosen to control access to its programs via an authorized login. This change means UC Davis provides access to the software, not the “right” to use it.

Q: How do I get the right to use Creative Cloud applications?

A: You have several options.

  1. Sign up for free Adobe ID: You can create a free Adobe ID from the sign in prompt. You can use any email address you own for this account. With a free Adobe ID, you have access to 2GB of cloud storage.
  2. Existing Adobe ID: Your existing Adobe ID will work in the computer rooms regardless if it is an active paid subscription or a free account.
  3. Google/Facebook/Apple: Adobe allows you to sign in by linking to your Google, Facebook or Apple account. Be advised that this will allow those companies to share certain data about you. Please read their policies and terms of service so you understand what you are agreeing to.

Q: I get an Access Denied error when I try to logon.

A: This error occurs when you attempt to logon with a UC Davis email but do not have an active Adobe ID associated with that email.

You have two options.

  1. Create an AdobeID with your UC Davis email by clicking on Create an account and then use your new account
  2. Click on the Continue with Google button. It will allow you to logon with your UC Davis account and will automatically create an Adobe ID for you.

Q: I have an existing Adobe membership. Can I access my Adobe cloud storage from the computer rooms?

A: Yes, all Adobe IDs have access to Creative Cloud storage. In our computer rooms, you can access your creative cloud storage via the web. Log onto: and you can download or upload files from your Creative Cloud.

Q: Do I have to log out of the Creative Cloud applications?

A: It is not necessary to log out of the Creative Cloud applications as long as you log out of the computer. If you plan to log out and back into the same computer on the same day more than once, you will still be logged into the Creative Cloud applications until you sign out of those applications.